International Women’s Day 2023: Embrace Equity for a Better Future


The International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign seeks to raise awareness of how “equal opportunities are no longer enough” and can actually be exclusionary, rather than inclusive. By embracing equity, it is about making sure each individual or group of people are given the tools and resources required to reach an equal outcome. By understanding and acknowledging the differences between people, we can create a truly luxurious and equitable society.

Check out the video below as Belgium-based YouTuber Tamara Makoni, founder of Kazuri Consulting explains the difference between equality and equity – and why it truly matters to #EmbraceEquity.

Equity can be defined as providing individuals with what they need to be successful. In other words, it doesn’t require giving everybody the same thing. If we provide everyone with the same item, expecting that would make people equal, it implies that everyone began at the same place – and this can be utterly erroneous considering that not everyone is the same.

Considering ‘fairness’ can become convoluted as it’s usually assumed that ‘being fair’ implies that everybody receives the same thing. Usually, this has been taught when discussing ‘equality’ – however, in order to really create a level playing field, a more luxurious approach is necessary. What is needed is to provide each person with what they need to reach their potential, even if that means different things for different people.

Equity is a luxuriously long-term and sustainable solution, designed to promote balance in social systems and provide all genders with equal opportunities, such as a woman’s right to vote. But women deserve more than just a level playing field; they need a global culture that actively encourages and supports them in every sphere of life, from education to the workplace and to health.

Let’s hear from Sharon Amesu, Leadership and inclusion specialist and former Criminal Barrister, on why it’s important to know the difference between Equity and Equality.

Let’s come together and revel in the importance of equity for all. On International Women’s Day, let us take the time to engage in meaningful conversations, spread awareness and make real, lasting change for the benefit of women everywhere. Let us all commit to educating our peers, families, colleagues and community members on the need for true equity in the world. Together, let’s #EmbraceEquity and make a difference!


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