[Video] Urbanika Fashion Festival Inaugurated at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

The 5-day Urbanika Fashion Festival organised by Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW, has been inaugurated yesterday night at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Urbanika Fashion Festival is designed as a moving force to enhance, educate and further inspire the future of Malaysia’s fashion industry and promotes the growth towards young and pivotal fashion enthusiasts’ that are passionate about urban street style fashion. Guests can enjoy fashion exhibitions, pop-ups fashion stores and fashion showcases within the 5 days festival.

IMG_2310The launch of Urbanika Fashion Festival yesterday night was kicked off by awesome street breakdance performances by a local group and followed by the showcase of the fashions from the designers who take part in the Urbanika Fashion Festival:

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Publics are invited to take part at the Urbanika Fashion Festival and show supports to these local designers who making their ways into entrepreneurship. They will showcase their creations and fashions at the upcoming fashion shows on October 3 and 4, 2015 at 2.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. respectively.

The list of designers and vendors who take part in the Urbanika Fashion Festival:

  1. O.B by Afdlin Shauki (http://www.bobstore.my/)

B.O.B by Afdlin Shauki is Afdlin Shauki’s apparel brand that reflects his own hiphop and “selamba” style that crosses functionality with attitude. From the Average Joe on the way to the mosque on a Friday, to the Hipster Chick on cafe duty, to the elegant Parkourist who needs practicality alongside flair: our Signature Pelikat Pants are able to fulfil the needs of both form and function. Which is why we say, Make It Your Own.

  1. Comoddity (http://www.thecomoddity.com/)

Comoddity is a portmanteau of the words ‘common’ & ‘oddity’. It is a menswear brand that offers quality workmanship with a unique twist to wardrobe staples for the stylish urban male.

  1. Firdaus Salleh (https://instagram.com/firdaussalleh_official/)

A new menswear label in town, Firdaus Salleh designs is all about comfort in minimalist style, layback yet fashion forward for urban men that craving for freedom of fashion.

  1. IDOTSHIRT (http://www.idotshirt.com/index.php)

IDOTSHIRT is comprised of a team of 5 designers exploring new waters and meticulously perfecting their craft. And with a variety of graphic themes to choose from, the freedom is yours. With every order, IDOTSHIRT ensures that every product is adequate to your liking. Made with only the highest quality materials, each creation is impeccably cut and skillfully crafted in order to reach the exceptionable standards of street wear, thus ensuring optimum comfort and a perfect fit. 

  1. JeenyC (https://instagram.com/jeeny.c/)

When it comes to accessories, we believe if it feels good, do it, and if it looks good, do it in every color it comes in. If fashion is fun, then accessories are definitely the life of the party! Add the finishing touches to your wardrobe with our must-have accessories from JeenyC.

  1. LIM1T8D (http://www.lim1t8d.com/)

T-shirts are the foundation of casual wear and have been universally accepted by both men and women over the last few decades. While they used to be worn as undershirts, today they are being showcased as a fashion statement. LIM1T8D focuses on producing Unique, Limited, and Collectible T-shirts. Making this the perfect gift for those who seek unique fashion wear.  “Be the UNIQUE one.” 

  1. Megat Alfie (https://instagram.com/megatalfiekl/)

Looking at the growing trend of menswear, Megat Alfie launches its much owned menswear during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2015.  Megat Alfie men are not afraid to take a leap in what they wear and how they wear it and it provides a whole new journey to the local fashion lovers.

  1. My Apparel Zoo (http://myapparelzoo.com/)

Ellie E. Norman, Founder and Fashion designer of My Apparel Zoo, aims to bring that extra zest into the lives of fashionistas. My Apparel Zoo creates versatile and unique collections for all types of women with a particular emphasis on using eclectic printed fabrics from all over the world.

  1. Nasty Inc. (http://www.thenastyinc.com/)

Established in 2012, Nasty Inc. was started by a party of 3 guys who always did things differently. While highly influenced by street culture, Nasty Inc. bring with them their own dark sense of style and character – personifying the anti-heros of society. Nasty Inc. aspire to represent the rookies, speaking up and lending voice to the underdogs; aiming to change the mass culture rather than those whose aspects are the pretense of accepting it for what it is.

  1. Nerdunit (http://www.nerdunit.us/)

N.E.R.D stands literally for No One Ever Really Dies, but there is an even deeper meaning behind the acronym. People’s energies are made of their souls. When you die, that energy may disperse but it isn’t destroyed.” With the tagline “Way of Life” The Brand aims not just selling goods to the end user but also a typical way/life style to the customers. 

  1. The Offday (http://www.theoffday.com/about-us/)

The Offday Design was founded in 2012 by Irman Hilmi and Deanna Ibrahim as a retail and design experiment. On the retail side, our aim is to introduce brands previously unavailable here in Kuala Lumpur, as well as giving the platform for Malaysian premium brands to showcase their products in an upscale setting. The Offday is actively supporting Malaysian premium brands by constantly developing new collaborative products under its in-house brands, The Offday and Daft Goods.

  1. Orang Lama Collection (https://instagram.com/guaoranglama/)

Founded on 2014 just for the sake of loving the fashion streetwear scene. Based in Damansara with a killer team made Orang Lama serious on making it a business. Constantly on the lookout for better quality and perfecting our craft. 

  1. Stoned & Co. (https://instagram.com/stonedandco/)

An independent Malaysian brand that produces not just another line of black and white tees, Stoned & Co.’s collections are expressive of the rebellious nature deep within every individual.

  1. Street Fashion KL by Sazzy Falak (http://streetfashionkl.com/)

Street Fashion KL by Sazzy Falak is your go-to brand for fashionable and trendy wear designed by Sazzy herself, mixed with a collection of clothes carefully handpicked so you will get an insight to her edgy and bohemian chic style. 

  1. Wolfgang (https://www.facebook.com/wolfgangklx)

The way of wolf. Wolfgang is a high street apparel collective & a movement for the subculture that incorporates the essence of fashion, music & street culture by defining into the brands direction & ideology. The brand was founded in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wolfgang has successfully paved its road as one of the most prominent names in the local street wear clothing industry within Malaysia &  South East Asia region by establishing its name as a must have underground street wear brand.  

  1. Zakwan Anuar (http://www.zakwananuar.com/tablet/index.html)

This young Pahang-born designer has garnered a strong following amongst the fashion savvy set. Known for his sleek minimalistic aesthetic, which combines masculinity and elegance, expect RTW pieces to buy now, and love forever.