Japanese retailer UNIQLO has announced the new HEATTECH items for its 2016 LifeWear range that deliver significantly better heat retention and comfort. The enhanced HEATTECH line has added moisturization and stretchability, increasing the comfort of the clothing in the line.

uniqlo-3uniqlo-1New to the women’s HEATTECH range this year includes figure-enhancing Comfort Beauty Wear innerwear. In response to customer demand, UNIQLO has developed V-neck innerwear broadening knitwear and blouse coordination options during fall and winter.

The new upgrade for the women’s HEATTECH range also include — infusion of argan oil for better comfort on the skin, and micro-fibers that absorb sweat more efficiently to minimise stuffiness under clothing.

uniqlo-2Meanwhile, the men’s HEATTECH items employ micro-fibers that quickly absorb sweat and offer faster-drying performance.

On top of that, UNIQLO has increased the number of items featuring HEATTECH Extra Warm, which provides around 1.5 times more heat retention than regular HEATTECH. The brand also announces it has made HEATTECH prices even more affordable this season.

Do drop by the nearest UNIQLO outlets or official website to check out the entire new HEATTECH range in its entirety.

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