Triumph Unveils Signature Sheer: A Collection That Celebrates Style and Confidence

Triumph, the renowned lingerie brand, introduces its new Signature Sheer collection – designed to empower women to embrace their confidence and make their mark. This new line of contemporary pieces embodies all that it is to be comfortable yet elegant, with a focus on enhancing femininity and redefining confidence. The collection features a full wardrobe of essential sheer fabric pieces that create an alluring silhouette while still being supportive. Each piece is adorned with Triumph’s iconic ‘T’ lace monogram, infusing a modern and on-trend flair this season.

The Signature Sheer collection boasts three bra designs, tailored to meet women’s diverse needs. The Signature Sheer Wired Padded Bra offers maximum comfort with Triumph’s signature Wire Light support and is crafted from recycled materials for eco-friendliness. Its side bone construction enhances structure and shape. The Signature Sheer Wired Bra minimises visually while offering a natural breast shape and built-in discretion pads for confident wear. The Signature Sheer Non-Wired Deep V Bra features an attractive infinity neckline, lifting and centralizing the bust for a natural and fuller look. All three styles are available in stunning shades of Toasted Almond, Decadent Chocolate, and Classic Black.

Complementing the collection are two seamless underwear options: the Signature Sheer Maxi, which provides a tummy-smoothing effect, and the Signature Smooth Hipster with a comfortable mid waist and stylish triangular leg shape.

The Signature Sheer hipster and bra.
The Signature Sheer Maxi and bra

The collection’s uniqueness shines with two additional pieces. The Signature Sheer Corsage, a flattering corset top, features boned corset seams that create an iconic hourglass shape. With detachable straps, it can be styled in various ways for different looks. This non-wired Corsage includes a padded liner for extra support. Pair it with the Signature Sheer long-sleeved top, which showcases modern asymmetrical lace patterns, a black high neckline, and wristbands. Both pieces are available in Classic Black for a sophisticated and stylish ensemble.

Signature Sheer Corsage pairs with Signature Sheer long-sleeved top

The Triumph Signature Sheer collection starts at RM89.90. Discover the entire range at or visit a Triumph boutique for a fitting and feel the confidence to make your mark today.

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