One of the most beloved classic Disney cartoon, Alice in Wonderland, has inspired the launch of this new collection. This collection follows Melissa immerses in this universe full of colourful objects, animals and creatures, launching unforgettable and lovely designs that aims to be inside girls wardrobes.

Melissa Ultragirl + Alice in Wonderland was inspired by the classic Ultragirl, in matte and transparent option, always with an insole full of prints. The prints include one of the movie’s most popular scene when the lead character, Alice, drinks the “Drink Me” potion.  Hearts and bows patterns are cleverly placed higher on this adorable flat. The hearts were inspired by the ace of hearts card character.

Mini Melissa UltraGirl + Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Alica’s iconic blue dress. The dress is named Mini Melissa and the candy blue option gets Alica’s dress flounce under the black bow of her hair, while the character is printed in the insole. Meanwhile, the pink one gets the Cheshire Cat, one of the cartoon’s icons. The face of this magical animal is placed on the upper and its tail contours the back part.

Mel Ultragirl + Alice in Wonderland was initially catered for adults and now it’s also available for little girls. Similar to the previous flats, this also comes with hearts and bows pattern placed on the upper side of the flats. The insole is full of prints: playing cards, the famous “Drink me” potion and, of course, our main character in some of her most adventurous moments.

This amazing Melissa + Alice in Wonderland collection will be available around late July. This collection is only available at Mdreams, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Mdreams, 1Utama. Make sure you grab yourself a set or two for your daughter or niece.

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