#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch

#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch-Pamper.my

Triumph Malaysia launched its newest range, the Triaction by Triumph yesterday where Maison Francaise restaurant was transformed into a Jumping Fitness party where the guests were the first in Malaysia to try this new range of sports bras. Triaction by Triumph sports bras are on-trend, extremely supportive, comfortable and lightweight, giving you the freedom to be active. It’s also BOUNCE-CERTIFIED so your ladies are always sitting comfortably and it doesn’t disrupt your workout.

#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch-Pamper.myTo test out the Triaction by Triumph sports bras, guests got to try jumping fitness for the first time while bouncing on trampolines during a workout session with Jumping Fitness Malaysia.

#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch-Pamper.my#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch-Pamper.my

More on Triaction by Triumph sports bras in the coming posts so stay tuned.

#Scenes: Triaction by Triumph Launch-Pamper.myVisit your nearest Triumph boutique today to Find The One Triaction by Triumph sports bra that makes you move!

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