POLAROID New Rainbow Collection –
A Perfect Vision In All Light Conditions

Polaroid Rainbow Collection featuring new vivid sunglasses dressed in the rainbow shades, with the iconic Polaroid rainbow arc on the temple-tip. Available for adults and kids, Polaroid sunglasses allow you to enjoy bright colors with no glare, thanks to the exclusive polarization of UltraSight™ lenses.

This range is made to make people re-think the way they look at sunglasses, enables you to express your state of mind, free your emotions and share your feelings through its bright nuances at every moment. The iconic rainbow color range now edited in the best selling pilot shape in two different sizes for both adults and kids.

Rainbow Project

Mirrored revolenses, galvanic frame and colored tips with rainbow detail.
ULTRASIGHT TM  Ultra Light polarized lenses
Material: Metal

Kids Rainbow Project

image013Kid unisex best selling shape using the six colors of the original Polaroid Rainbow.
Mirrored lenses, all of matte finishing, all transparent colors and rainbow pattern detail on tip.
ULTRASIGHT TM Ultra Light polarized lenses
Kids: Target group 8-12 years old
Material: Injected