Looking for something different for your nails this festive season? Try the LED nail art! It’s one of the latest nail trends from Japan that gets your fingernails flash and shine. Simply put the LED built-in nail stickers on your nails before creating nail arts, your fingernails will sparkle like a diamond when you get a phone call or using a compatible smart phone or tablet.

LED Nail 03
Photo source: cn.made-in-china.com

How do LED Nails work?

LED nails are manufactured with integrated circuitry and a miniature LED that lights on contact with an electromagnetic signal called Near Field Communication (NFC) technology emitted by smartphones and tablets using Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems. For device using Apple operating system, only the iPhone 6 has NFC capability. The LED nails will emit light as long as an NFC wave is nearby.

Check out the tutorial below on how to create LED nail art using the LED built-in nail stickers.

LED Holiday Nail Art

Glam your nails up this festive season with these cool LED holiday nail art designs found on Instagram!

Source: transformationmarketing.biz | nailsmag.com
Cover photo source: cn.made-in-china.com