Inspired by the mysterious landscape with sunlight, the Maison Piaget created Sunlight Escape, a High Jewellery collection of boundless freedom and delight. With this collection, each sparkling sun-kissed stone, each touch of colour, each glint of light takes on an exceptional depth and intensity, just like the enchanting place that has inspired it.

Sunlight Escape captures this sensation of being beneath a star-studded sky lit up by surreal colours that blur our sense of reality. Moments are made radiant, and one revels in simply contemplating the magical passage of time. Jewels sparkle with a thousand fires, complementing the celestial sphere and illuminating the night.

Warming Lights

Warming Lights is composed of creations at once powerful and delicate. They express radiance in their form, and flamboyance in the audacity of their materials. In pink gold, yellow, and white diamonds, they catch the light and transform it through a multitude of reflections and refractions.

Exalting Sights

Exalting Sights celebrates nature in transformation, in all its force, in all its grandeur. In northern lands, time flows with intensity. Our gaze is lost in these large icy expanses. A necklace with a playful graphical design is set with shades of blue: lapis lazuli, Paraiba tourmalines and aquamarines collide with waves of brilliant-cut diamonds.

Dancing Nights

G37N6800As evening turns to night, the sky becomes a dazzling new theatre of colours. Driven by solar winds, the aurora borealis sweeps silently through the atmosphere, flaring, fading and flaring once more. It is this unique heavenly spectacle that has inspired Dancing Nights.

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