Long a streetwear staple, the G-SHOCK looks set to extend its offerings for aficionados in the upcoming months with the release of its Celestial Guardian series, which feature reinterpretations of the Four Symbols.  Designed by acclaimed artist and graphic designer JAHAN LOH, these four new watches will each feature one of the Four Symbols and have a specific colourway to match different wardrobes and styles. The product will be available in April, only available in G-Factory stores.

In traditional Chinese culture, the Four Symbols are celestial beasts that each correspond to a specific season, cardinal point, and quadrant of the sky. The Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Turtle didn’t just represent a system of organising and understanding the world, but were also protective guardians that kept the world in order. With help from JAHAN LOH, CASIO has put a twist on these beasts by transposing them to the wrist. To modernise these traditional motifs and keep their influence subtle, JAHAN created a backdrop of clouds that are reminiscent of camouflage patterns all over each watch, before hiding the celestial guardians in plain sight. A silhouette of the White Tiger, for instance, can be seen repeated several times on the strap of the GA-700CG-7A.

The watches in the Celestial Guardian series will see a staggered release, beginning with the GA-500CG-2A in February. The GA-700CG-7A follows in March, while the GAW-100CG-4A and GA-800CG-1A will be released in April and May respectively.

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