Casio will release a Red-Out commemorative collection of four G-SHOCK models in all red to symbolize the G-SHOCK brand in conjunction with the 35th anniversary celebration of of its G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches in April 2018.

The 35th anniversary Red-Out collection features an all-red matte color scheme achieved using a new coating technology that incorporates particles into the paint, creating a lusterless red finish. The LCDs are also red, and black metal parts including case backs and strap keepers serve to accentuate the red theme of the watch. The Red-Out collection boldly embodies the G-SHOCK identity, which has kept evolving for the past 35 years in constant pursuit of toughness and will keep delivering new value in the years ahead.

The case backs of these models are engraved with the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, the world-renowned graphic artist, while the strap keeper is emblazoned with a star emblem that signifies 35 years. These are truly special watches whose design and coloring embody the G-SHOCK brand concept of “Absolute Toughness.”