Zalora “OWN NOW” Campaign Encourages Personal Fashion Style

ZALORA’s ‘OWN NOW’ campaign places the focus on ZALORA as a fashion enthusiast with a diversity of styles and brands, giving consumers in the region the freedom to choose what fashion works for them. Through a consistent and cohesive brand identity, OWN NOW will continue to shape ZALORA and align the brand across all markets.

The OWN NOW concept is a celebration of authenticity, diversity, empowerment, individuality, self-expression and personal style. This welcomes individuals to embrace their true self while experimenting with fashion. The campaign will feature people from all walks of life who represent and embody the OWN NOW lifestyle and philosophy.

The campaign will roll out in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan from February 21, 2018, and is supported across various channels through videos, out-of-home placements, social media and onsite.

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