Hand sanitizers are everywhere these days. If you don’t have access to soap and water, the next best thing is a germ-killing potion. Aside from killing bacterias and viruses, there are many other unconventional ways to use hand sanitizers.

Here is a list of seven unusual uses for hand sanitizer.

1. Emergency deodorant. Hand sanitizer will save the day if you forgot your deodorant in the morning rush. Just rub a drop or two of hand sanitizer on your underarms to remove bacteria and sweat, which then tones the odour.

Image: neadiatrofis.gr
Image: neadiatrofis.gr

2. Toilet seat cleaner. If you carry hand sanitizer, you can also use toilet paper to wipe a few squirts of hand sanitizer over the toilet seat before use.

3. Phone screen cleaner. Simply squeeze out some hand sanitizer onto a tissue and clean your phone screen. The rubbing alcohol works well because it acts as a disinfectant by eliminating the germs. Plus, it evaporates so excess moisture isn’t left on your phone. If you don’t, the bacterias on the phone will cause skin allergies as your smartphone touches your ears and skin a lot.

Image: search-wave.com
Image: search-wave.com

4. Clean your glasses or sunglasses. Hand sanitizer is ideal for cleaning the coated spectacles. At the end of the week, gently rub the hand sanitizer on the parts that has close contact with your skin; the frames, bridge and temples of your spectacles.

5. Pimple treatment cream. Hand sanitizer has antibacterial property. The alcohol helps killing the bacteria causing pimple and reduce itching and redness. Just rub a tiny dollop of it on the bump with a cotton swab.

6. Makeup brush cleaner. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is important. If you don’t do it enough, you spread dirt and bacteria from your face to your makeup. Running these brushes under water requires a longer time for them to dry, hence hand sanitizer is a faster alternative to eliminate and disinfect the germs. Just squirt a dollop on a cotton pad and wipe your brushes gently.

Eye brushes
Image: anneclutz.com

7. Stain remover. Got a bad stain on your favourite dress? Just blot the stain with some hand sanitizer. It will fade or remove the stain, depending upon the potency of the stains.

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