LASIK treatment is a common solution nowadays to correct vision problems. Since its introduction in the United States in 1991, it has made glasses unnecessary and solved vision problems such as short sightedness for millions of patients worldwide.

Though the LASIK treatment is considered a safe and simple treatment, however, careful observation and analysis of the patients’ eyes by trained specialists or cornea expert is required prior to the treatment to deem whether they are suitable for the surgery.

The doctors advise that failure to follow proper assessment methods could harm or deteriorate the vision even further. LASIK involves the use of laser eye surgery and is an invasive procedure that adjusts tissues of the eye. Once done it cannot be replaced, and extra care should be taken by the surgeon who should ideally be experienced when dealing with the cornea.

The specialists at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center further explain that patients must be above the age of 18 to qualify for the treatment. Since the eye is still growing or changing below the age of 18, conducting a surgery such as LASIK could end up as a failure. Other pre conditions that are also taken into consideration are the patients general health, age and whether the patient has any other eye diseases.

The operation when conducted lasts for only around 10-15 minutes per eye. It is an outpatient surgery and the patient can recuperate at home after surgery. However, the specialists advise that proper after care must be taken care of including treatment of dry eyes and the requisite pain killers and antibiotics for the discomfort that arises after the surgery.

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