Who will believe this American fashion model and television personality – Kendall Jenner is actually 22 years old this year? With the ever so gorgeous body and trendy style that can almost create a new fashion trend, do you know what is her secret behind the sexy body? Read more!



As W Magazine interviewed her recently, she dished on everything from her current favourite workout obsession to her favourite beauty products to the way she keeps her body healthy.

As for her flawless and smooth skin, she revealed that she has been seeing a dermatologist for years. On top of that, she would also use a cleanser to remove all the dirt, oil and makeup that come with modelling.

On top of that, she will take daily probiotics and some juices with ginger every day. With the hot yoga that helps her to sweat the toxins away, hot yoga is definitely her current exercise obsession at the moment.  Hot yoga is performed under hot and humid conditions. It helps to burns calories, stretches your body, and relaxes your mind at the same time.

That is why we should try to unfurl the yoga mats and try hot yoga session someday!

Featured Image: www.media.wmagazine.com

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