Under Armour Introduces Its Most Innovative UA Infinity Sports Bra

Did you know the female breast can move as much as 21cm during exercise? Or that when it comes to sports bras, wearing the wrong one can cause permanent damage? UA is changing the sports bra game with its newest innovation that addresses both of these issues and functions to support women’s unique bodies and needs.

The new UA Infinity Bra is designed to work with women’s bodies in a new way using a unique approach. Rather than cutting two perfect breast-shaped cups from a flat piece of padding, glueing and layering pieces of foam – the traditional sports bra construction – Under Armour’s design team liquid-injected the foam for a more natural shape that moves with the breasts, and a much lighter feel.

The flexible cups are designed to offset impact across all impact levels and naturally mold to the female body, even during its natural fluctuations. The liquid foam follows in an infinity shape – the shape breasts actually move in during jumping and running – and provides the right level of support without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

The UA Infinity Bra is designed for all impact levels and is built to work with the natural movement of awoman’s body instead of fighting against it, as traditional sports bras often do. This creates a more natural fit, and without bulky cups, a lighter feel and completely streamlined support that finally lets women push as hard as they want without having to worry about the pain and distraction of unchecked movement. The cored-out pads in the front of the bra are actually visible through the mesh, a specially designed perforated pattern to be super breathable and light without losing its integrity.

The UA Infinity sports bra features some of UA’s most advanced fabric innovations to make it the lightest and fastest-drying UA sports bra available. The bra is made with adjustable and flexible straps to make the on-off process hassle-free while still providing unparalleled support.

The UA Infinity Sports Bra will be available for RM149 – RM259 in sizes XS – XL, across all Under Armour Brand Houses nationwide and online at underarmour.com.my/en-my.

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