With the busy lifestyle that we all had, we can’t deny that we are dealing with stress every day. No matter is work stress or personal stress, sometimes it can lead to overeating which later will lead us to guilty and shameful mood. Instead of letting the food to comfort your stress, here are few ways to stop stress eating when the cravings strike:

  1. Practice pre-meal gratitude

“A study on ‘blue zones’ (cultures with statistically significant populations of people living beyond a hundred), demonstrated that pre-meal gratitude traditions correlated with not overeating.” says nutritionist Elissa Goodman. Thus, do try to practice pre-meal gratitude before you enjoy the meal.

2. Meditation

Image: ritamaher.com
Image: ritamaher.com

If stress has you worried and anxious, meditation is a good way to release stress. Taking 10-15 minutes per day to meditate can help to maintain a better sense of mindfulness throughout the day. Whenever you feel stress, take 5 minutes of meditation break instead of eating food for stress relief.

3. Reduce sugar

© Sunny Forest/shutterstock.com
© Sunny Forest/shutterstock.com

Stress eating often causes us to eat a lot of desserts and sugary food. However, stress eating can actually be sugar dependence in disguise. If we can try to cut out sugar, it will detox your body and help you to be healthier. Try to substitute normal and processed sugar with maple syrup, honey, pure stevia and etc.

4. Don’t buy any junk food

Image: deccanchronicle.com
Image: deccanchronicle.com

When you see junk food anywhere near your living or working space, you will reach for it no matter what. Instead, replace junk food with healthy snacks such as granola, seeds, and nuts so that you don’t have to feel guilty after eating those unhealthy junk food.

5. Consume more fiber


Foods that are rich in fiber can absorb a lot of water and stay in the stomach longer, it can help to create a full feeling longer after a meal is finished. High fiber foods digest much more slowly in the body, therefore you won’t crave for snacks when you stress.

Featured Image: www.readersdigest.ca

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