Do you know that protein is a must if you are trying to lose weight? This is because it offers the energy to run your day while forcing you from a reach of high-sugar and calories breakfast. Here are 5 ingredients that you can substitute into your meal to create a protein rich meal.

1. Avocado


Although fats are bad for our health, monounsaturated fats are good for our health as it will lower the risk of heart disease by improving our risk factors. Add this great source of oleic acid to your meal by blending it as an avocado juice or slice it and serve it on toast.

2. Greek Yoghurt


While yoghurt provides essential nutrients to our body, Greek yoghurt provides a decent amount of calcium and protein to help in weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight, try to eat plain greek yoghurt with fresh fruit early in the morning that helps to ease digestion.

3. Walnut


Walnut is a great source of protein and healthy fats. If you are not familiar with the taste, try to soak it for 30 minutes then add it to smoothie and sprinkle with chia seed. It will surely boost your protein level with these healthy nuts and seeds.

4. Eggs


As all of us know, the egg is a great source of protein. However, do you know that the way you serve them differ the nutrients of the eggs? Try to eating plain hard boiled eggs with your usual salads instead of fry eggs.

5. Tofu


If you are on a tight budget, tofu is another great source of protein. Substitute tofu in smoothie or dish to boost the level of protein level in your body. On the other hand, try to infused tofu into soup or vegetables may be a great idea too.

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