SOTHYS Offers Three Types of 14 Days Starter Kit for Different Skin Needs

The professional skincare brand SOTHYS created 3 skincare bespoke starter kits that cater to different skin needs. Each of the sets are curated with the best-selling and time-tested beauty essentials that will enable their customer to experience and try-out their products for 14 days.

The three different types of 14 Day Starter Kit are:-

1The Basic Hydra 14 Days Starter Kit

The Basic Hydra Kit with travel-sized of Hydra-Protective Softening Emulsion (15ml)

Cater for normal to combination skin types, the Basic Hydra Kit (RM209) helps target on skin concerns such as dehydration, oiliness and dryness for women at their 20s and 30s. The set contains travel-sized of Vitality Cleansing Milk (40ml), Vitality Lotion (40ml), Hydra-Protective Softening Emulsion (15ml), 7 x sachet Face Fluid SPF50 and Oxygenating Essential Ampoules (1.5ml). The Hydra-Protective Softening Emulsion is also available in sachets (10 in total) to enable fresh and sufficient use every time.

The Basic Hydra Kit with 10 sachets of Hydra-Protective Softening Emulsion

The Hydra-Protective Softening Emulsion is a gentle moisturiser that protects, moisturizes & mattifies skin. It contains a star active ingredient which is the Chaparral Extract tat helps to strengthen the natural properties of the skin as well as maintains skin balance.

2Comfort Hydra 14 Days Starter Kit

This Comfort Hydra kit (RM259) is curated for dry and dehydrated skin for women at their 30s, 40s and 50s. The kit contains travel-sized of Comfort Cleansing Milk (40ml), Comfort Lotion (40ml), Hydra3Ha Hydrating Youth Cream (15ml), 7 x Sachet Face Fluid SPF50 and Anti-aging Essential Ampoules (1.5ml).

The Hydra3Ha Hydrating Youth Cream helps moisture the skin and prevents it from drying out. It provides continuous hydration for 8 hours and increases 53% hydration after 3 hours, as well as stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 23% in the epidermis and by 29% in the dermis.

3Youthful Hydra 14 Days Starter Kit

The Youthful Hydra kit (RM259) is created for anti-ageing and suitable for combination to dry and dehydrated skin with fine lines or wrinkles. The set contains travel-sized of Comfort Cleansing Milk (40ml), Micellar Cleansing Water (40ml), Wrinkle-targeting Youth Cream (1.5ml) and Anti-aging Essential Ampoules (1.5ml). The Wrinkle-targeting Youth Cream visibly smooths fine lines & wrinkles, maintains the skin tone and preserve an even complexion.

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