Love Beauty and Planet’s New Clean Oceans Edition Packaged in 100% Ocean-Bound Plastic

The Unilever eco-friendly beauty brand, Love Beauty and Planet introduces two new lines of hair and body care variants – Marine Moisture and Deep Detox to bring purpose to the planet through small acts of love. Inspired by the love towards nature and ocean, the beauty brand created a special Clean Oceans Edition of beauty products made from ocean-bound plastics, and natural ingredients rich in essential minerals harnessed directly from the beautiful oceans.

The newly introduced Love Beauty and Planet’s Clean Oceans Edition focuses on ocean-associated recycled waste to form the base of an exciting new line of hair and skin self-care routine. The two variants of Love Beauty and Planet’s Clean Oceans Edition, the Marine Moisture and Deep Detox ranges consist of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion respectively.

1Love Beauty and Planet’s Clean Oceans Edition Deep Detox Range

The Deep Detox range is incorporated with a rising key beauty ingredient, natural sea salt. This simple yet powerful ingredient contains minerals and other oceanic components known to help purify, balance, and restore hair and skin health without stripping away natural oils. The Deep Detox sea salt and bergamot shampoo cleanses and detoxes the scalp, getting rid of excess dead skin and residues. Sea salt can also aid with gentle natural exfoliation that does not harm sensitive skin in any way. It is an ingredient known to help cleanse pores, while balancing oil production and retaining moisture from within, leaving skin feeling soft and invigorated.

The range is complemented by the scent of bergamot that has a bittersweet, fruity note and mild, spicy undertones that is truly memorable. The Deep Detox range is also complemented by sun-drenched bergamot that is ethically sourced from Italy during the harvest season between the months of November to March.

2Love Beauty and Planet’s Clean Oceans Edition Marine Moisture Range

The Marine Moisture range is infused with a rising skincare ingredient made from blue-green algae. It is popularly known for being packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are great for moisture and hydration. The blue-green algae are an ocean ingredient filled with powerful antioxidants that have anti-aging properties and skin-conditioning powers. Packed with natural blue-green algae and eucalyptus, the Marine Moisture fast-rinse hair conditioner balances tresses and moisturizes dry hair, leaving it revived and restored back to its healthy appearance, stripped away from greasy residues and oily strands.

The Marine Hydration body lotion provides a 24-hour moisturization that nourishes skin using its hydrating qualities derived from water-blooming blue-green algae. The Marine Moisture range is infused by a splash of sea salt, united with cool eucalyptus, providing a rich floral sensation that cascades with a warm woody scent.

To inspire #smallactsoflove movement that make the planet cleaner, greener, and more beautiful, with every two bottles purchased of the new Love Beauty and Planet Clean Oceans Edition, consumers can redeem an eco-friendly stainless steel flask. Love Beauty and Planet’s Clean Oceans Edition is now available exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide.

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