#NewIn: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence and Water Bank Hydro Cream Now Come in ‘Thirst For Life’ Limited-Edition Packaging

The Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence and Water Bank Hydro Cream now come in a limited edition new packaging designed by New York-based contemporary graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister in collaboration with American graphic designer Jessica Walsh. Inspired by the concept of ‘hydration’’, the core of the Water Bank range, the packaging design features a bright, holographic design to capture the spirit of one’s thirst, vibrancy and positive energy. In addition, the Water Bank Hydro Essence bottle also feature a crystal ball necklace capturing the essence of the hydration element.

Laneige Limited-Edition Water Bank Hydro Essence

The Water Bank Hydro Essence is the brand’s No.1 Hydrating Essence with an impressive sell record of 17 million bottles, with one sold every 20 seconds. Formulated with Hydro Lightening Technology, an innovative technology that replenishes skin with full moisture, this hydro-radiance essence able to deeply hydrate skin, helping to rebuild a moisture reservoir beneath the skin while strengthening the skin’s ability to restore and retain all the goodness. As a result, you will achieve a vibrant skin with a glow from the inside out.

Laneige Limited-Edition Water Bank Hydro Cream EX

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX is a deeply hydrating cream that replenishes the skin with moisture by the Green Mineral Water which helps to build a refreshing moisture barrier that lasts 24-hours. It keeps the skin soft, smooth and refreshing all day long. The formula of the green mineral water is packed with minerals from six “Super Vegetables” that were chosen for its nutrients to generate moisture, strengthen and recover damaged skin. It also contains Garden Cress that helps purify the skin with an excellent antioxidant effect by eliminating harmful and active oxygen to improve the skin’s defensive ability.

Laneige Thirst for Life Limited Edition Value Set

Get the Laneige Thirst for Life Limited Edition Value Set at RM299 (total worth RM409) to empower your skin with luminous hydration. The value set comes with:

  • Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence (70ml) – to deeply hydrate skin, helping to rebuild a moisture reservoir beneath the skin while strengthening the skin’s ability to restore and retain all the goodness;
  • Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX(50ml) – to improve skin with a deep moisture barrier;
  • Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel (3ml) – to alleviate stress in the skin around the eyes and provide a moisturising effect that can last up to 24 hours;
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (15ml) – to revitalise, moisture and brighten the skin to achieve a glowy skin the next morning;
  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – Berry (3g) – to maintain the soft and supple pout and let your lips dazzle through day and night.

The limited edition Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence (RM190/70ml), Water Bank Hydro Cream retailing (RM155/50ml) and Thirst For Life limited edition set (RM299) will be available at all boutique and departmental stores nationwide from 1 June 2020 onwards.

Laneige #ThirstForLife Campaign 

Laneige launches the new season campaign of #ThirstForLife in conjunction with the launch of the limited edition Water Bank Hydro Essence and Water Bank Hydro Cream to inspire and bring about change in the lives of individuals and to encourage them to take the leap of faith, exploring and developing the potentials within them to become better versions of themselves.

Laneige presents five inspiring personalities as part of the campaign in hope to inspire others to pursue their thirst for life. The five personalities include Malaysia’s seventh time SEA Games gold medalist Farah Ann, Malaysian actress Joey Leong, popular YouTube content creator, Phei Yong, Malaysian model and 2014 Asia’s Next Top Model Winner, Sheena Liam, actress and illustrator, Marianne Tan.

Farah Ann

It has been Farah Ann’s biggest dream in life to become a Olympian. In 2016, Farah Ann failed in her bid to qualify for the Rio Olympics by a mere 0.1 margin and it was the most devastating time of her life. Nevertheless, she stood strong and continued to fix her eyes on the prize and worked hard to be the first Malaysian women artistic gymnast, and third Malaysian gymnast to qualify for next years’ Olympics. According to Farah “The road to what you thirst for is often marred with hardships and ups and downs. However, when you achieve what you thirst for, you realise that every single step you’ve taken has been exactly what you’ve needed to gain what you’ve wanted to achieve.”

Joey Leong

As an actress, Joey Leong’s job required her to act out different stunts for her role. She experienced the biggest challenge in her life when the set that she was in caught fire, and she sustained second-degree burns on both her legs and lost her ability to walk for a month. However, Joey did not see this as a hindrance to her career in becoming a successful actress. In fact, her thirst motivates her to muster up her strength to walk again and achieved it. According to Joey “Sometimes, life gives us extremely sour lemons unexpectedly, but if we could hold on to the thirst, even if it’s the simplest thirst, it will lead us to a bright future.” She slowly challenged herself to walk despite the pain and countless failures. Now, she is standing strong and back at work with bountiful opportunities to be the lead actress in local films and taking hold of every opportunity to share her inspiring story and give back to the community.

Phei Yong

Phei Yong has always loved hosting and has started it since he was still studying in university. He decided to take his passion for hosting further, and pursue to audition for the “MyFM Be My Star DJ” contest. He eventually went on to become the male champion and has since grown his passion for hosting and creating content for his audiences. During his journey, he was constantly seeking ways to bring his creative ideas to life. He desired to express his ideas and engage with his audiences, so in 2017, he finally decided to create content on his YouTube Channel. This passion led him to success and he eventually turned it into a career.  According to Phei Yong “I often find myself thirsting for growth in my career development. Just like a duck, paddling and working very hard beneath the water while above the surface, it looks calm and unruffled. This is exactly what I thirst for. Only to continuously swim forward freely would bring happiness onshore.”

Sheena Liam

Driven by her passion, Sheena Liam represented Malaysia in Asia’s Next top model in 2014. It was challenging, but she emerged as the winner through her dedication and spirit. Since her time in Asia’s Next Top Model, Sheena has been represented in major fashion cities across the world and has appeared on countless of runways, magazine covers, and television specials. In 2018, her artwork took center stage as she debuted her solo exhibition “Times New Romance” in Paris, France. She continues to challenge expectations and expand her horizons, Sheena says of her success “Striving towards the same thirst in life even with small steps is important. Be confident and find the strength to learn from your mistakes. A positive mindset goes a long way.”

Marianne Tan

Marianne Tan pursued acting out of curiosity where she received the opportunity from her close friend to act in a YouTube short story. She gained fame for her acting and began to realise her love for the art for acting. This led her to land a lead role in the Malaysian film – Ola Bola in 2016. Initially, Marianne’s parents had requested her to turn down the role as they were hesitant about the industry but she decided to go forth and pursue her passion for acting. Her passion led to her success and eventually won her parent’s approval for acting. According to Marianne “This curiosity awoke my thirst for acting, which was the ability to express a story in a person’s shoe. To be able to touch the audience with those roles are a bonus and it keeps that drive going. Be brave to take the first step to the unknown territory which is led by your thirst and curiosity. It could lead you to discover your vocation.”

Pledge to continue the chase for your “Thirst for Life” to receive Water Bank trial samples
You can now receive complimentary Laneige Water Bank trial samples by joining in the #ThirstForLife movement and pledging to continue your chase for a meaningful life and experiences via www.laneigethirstforlife.com.my.

[UPDATE] Laneige “Thirst For Life” Beauty Roadshow scheduled to be held from 22nd June to 28th June at Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court will be cancelled along with Amorepacific’s decision to fully corporate with the government policies and regulations during the Recovery Movement Control Order.

For more information, visit www.laneige.com/my.