Boost Your Skin’s Hydration with Melvita Source De Roses

As we all know, hydration is the key to healthy skin. To get the most out of your skin care regimen, it is important to make sure your skin is hydrated. Melvita, the organic beauty brand launches a new organic hydration range, SOURCE DE ROSES, delivers immediate skin hydration that lasts up to 48 hours to improve skin suppleness and elasticity.

The SOURCE DE ROSES range features 6 products which includes, a cleansing oil, micellar water, fluid, cream, night jelly and eye cream.

The range’s hero product, SOURCE DE ROSES cream, is enriched with 2 active ingredients – Wild Rose petal extract and the Resurrection Plant – that have been proven efficacy on skin hydration and plump up the skin’s appearance. It offers your skin a double action with 48-hours hydration and immediate plumping effect! The skin will appear fully hydrated and plumped, and remain lastingly fresh and comfortable, instantly after application.

The Resurrection Plant is a new nature-sourced ingredient that helps to reinforce the skin’s structure, instantly rehydrate and fortify the skin by restoring its natural hydration and protective barrier to fight against environmental aggressions. As a result, skin is intensely and lastingly hydrated, and suppleness and luminosity are restored.

The range promises instant hydration results and is broken down into easy to follow steps in the form of a complete skin routine.

Let yourself experience an organic hydration skincare journey with Melvita’s Source De Roses. The range is available now in stores and online at Follow Melvita’s Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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