Regain Your Glow with Melvita’s New Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo

Melvita, the organic beauty brand unveiled the new Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo to help you achieve healthy skin that glows from within. Focuses on brightening and to fight dullness, the new Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo is improved with Japanese Beautyberry, a rich antioxidant property that neutralizes free radicals to protect the skin against external aggressors that cause dull skin.

Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo is a one-of-a-kind bi-phase brightening booster created with the unique 2-in-1 formula based on 75:25 golden ratio of water: oil, which refines the perfect water-oil balance on beautiful skin. It brings not only strong brightening action with all powerful active ingredients, but also helps to refine the epidermis and reveal its inner light.

Other than the Japanese Beautyberry, the Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo also contains GAULTHERIA, a natural exfoliating extract and salicylic acid that gently but effectively fades scars; and White Star Lily Extract, that helps to prevent the formation of dark spots and reduces the size of dark sports as well as decreases their colour intensity to re-establish the skin’s natural brightness.

Before your daily serum or moisturiser, just shake and spray the Duo onto your face for a luminous complexion. The latest lab tests of Melvita claimed that the Duo increased skin radiance by +43% in 1 month.

Created with a 99.4% natural formula, the Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo is made to suit every skin types, as it contains zero harmful chemicals that disrupt your skin’s natural balance. The Duo is now available in stores and online at for RM155.00 (50ML).

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