As we all know, there are many ways that we can apply foundation. From our finger, cotton or brush, it is all doable. However, you may have applied your foundation all wrong, according to Beyonce’s makeup artist.

In a recent interview with Popsugar, Beyonce’ makeup artist Sir John saying that you should not wait for your moisturiser or base to set in before applying your foundation. Well, we all did the same wrong mistake! However, do you know the reason behind?

“Take a wet Beautyblender and while your skin is damp from your moisturiser apply your foundation,” said Sir John.

Do you know why he said so? This is because while your moisturiser is not set, it is easier for you to blend your foundation on your face. It is the same as the moisturiser will work as an ‘agent’ to blend your foundation well.

While waiting for your moisturiser to dry, it will make your foundation more cakey! On the other side, he also describes it as a ‘disconnect between how the foundation cements onto your complexion.”

This is why from now onwards, you should never wait for your moisturiser to set as it will help you to make a flawless skin. If you are someone who has a flawless skin, try not to apply foundation on the entire face, try to apply it only in the areas that need coverage. You will feel your face complexion brighter and feel refresh!

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