They say that it’s better to age gracefully and we couldn’t agree more. At we’re all about understanding our bodies, embracing our true inner beauty, and feeling empowered in our own skin. We believe the best way to pamper ourselves it by really learning to love ourselves – and that means in all our imperfections!

So, we’re always suckers for tips and tutorials that help us flaunt our natural beauty or which help us enhance certain features (and hide others).

We can’t fight or stop the signs of ageing, this is impossible unless you have developed a secret elixir that halts any ageing process and we stay forever young (if you do have this, send some over to our way!).

Did you know makeup is powerful enough to help you shed some years off your face? You can look younger with the right application and by using a few of this makeup tricks!

  1. Prepare your skin 

The state of your makeup is only as good as the canvas it is applied to. Your skin condition must be primed and prep for makeup and this is the key to flawless makeup. You can know every trick there is in the makeup book, but if your skin isn’t prepped to its best, it just won’t have the same effect.

One of the main reasons we start showing fine lines, is because of dryness in our skin. It’s important to always start with moisturiser for your face, and a cream for your under eye. This can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

2. Eyebrow woes 

As we age, one of the horrors is a naturally thinned-out eyebrows. It will happen and this is just one of those things that we have to try our best to work around. Remember to always fill in your eyebrows to complete your look – an incomplete eyebrow will not do you any favours. Also if you have badly shaped eyebrows, it’s worth going to a professional to get that shaped to follow your natural arch.

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3. Even out your skin tone and hide blemishes 

  • To conceal dark circles, dot concealer under your eyes. Press the concealer in with the pad of your fingers.
  • Dot concealer on any red areas on the face. If you have super red spots that concealer or a light foundation won’t cover, use a stick foundation on those areas only. Apply with a light hand — too much stick foundation can leave you with cake face.
  • Finally, all women should apply a light tinted moisturiser or foundation over face to even out their skin tone. I recommend covering up only those areas that require it — usually along the sides of the nose and on the chin.

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4. Add a brightener to lift your complexion 

With or without any signs of ageing, I personally love this makeup trick. Add a highlighter along all the dark lines of your face, especially along the highest points of your brow, cheekbones, along your nose, etc – this helps lift and brighten your face for a better complexion and glow that will instantly make you appear more rejuvenated.

5. Curl those lashes 

It’s amazing what an eyelash curler can do for your overall appearance. Curling your lashes life them upwards and give your eyes the appearance of bigger eyes, eyes that are wide awake, thus masking any sign of fatigue/age.

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6. Lipstick can make your break you

My mom for instance does not wear any makeup. She’s genetically blessed with great skin, great lashes, and just one of those faces with great features. All she needs is her go-to staple red lipstick and boom – she’s perfect! I’ve always envied this approach but I feel that as we age, less is definitely more and a perfectly toned lipstick to match your skin is all you really need.