Keeping your eyebrows well groomed and in its best natural shape does wonders for your overall appearance. Nowadays we’ve strayed away from overly plucked and thin eyebrows and have gravitated towards full bodied eyebrows that follow its natural arch, thus making you appear as you should be, in your best natural state. 

I, for one, have been a victim of over tweezing when I was in high school. Having a perfect arch was all that mattered to me, and I was definitely no expert. I plucked what I thought was right, only to constantly appear like I was surprised all the time. Where were my eyebrows, most people would ask.

Before you decide to pluck away at your own whim and fancy, have a look at some of the basic rules to tweezing your brows. OR, stick to the experts.

Personally, I tweeze just to make my eyebrows look well groomed in between my eyebrow waxing sessions. I don’t shape them on my own, because well, I learnt my lesson the hard way. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t pluck them, just make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it.

I was curious to know what makes a great eyebrow, so I did some research and I wanted to share them with you. Follow these basic rules to tweezing and you’ll have fab brows!

Here’s what the pros have to say

1. Figure out where your eyebrows should start and stop

Where your brow should start Image:

Line your tweezer up vertically from your inner eye and that’s your starting point. Any hair that strays beyond the point (towards the middle of your nose) can be plucked away. I realise I may not be explaining it at my best so here are diagrams to help.

Where your brows should stop Image:
Where your brows should stop

2. Determine your brow thickness and don’t over pluck!


This varies from person to person, but a great way to start is by observing your natural top line, that’s your natural shape. Take a pencil and draw a line along the bottom of your eyebrow that follows the natural shape, anything that falls below the line are strays and can be removed.

3. The toughest part – figure out your arch and shape it


Look straight on into the mirror and have a pencil ready. Your natural arch should peak at the outer rim of your iris and should be right on your brow bone (not above or below). Remove stray hairs from the inner brow up till the peak, but again don’t over do it.

4. Stop yourself from over plucking

It can be satisfying to pluck and get those strays out of there, but don’t get carried away. Rule of thumb: pluck three then stop and review. You need to make sure you aren’t losing your natural shape and thickness. At times, plucking a little too much will result in thin eyebrows that are tough to grow back. Take it from me!

5. Use a brow comb


Have one handy as you pluck your brows, comb it upwards after you’ve plucked three strands and review. You might notice that after combing it into shape, 3 is all you need to get rid of. It just helps show you how your brows will look when they are groomed.

There you go! We hope this helps. For more information, Harper’s Bazaar shares 14 eyebrow shaping rules that are great, you can read them here.