Embrace the Year of the Dragon with shu uemura’s Chinese New Year Podium Pop-up at Starhill Piazza

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Chinese New Year, renowned beauty brand shu uemura invites all to join in the joyous celebration of the Year of the Dragon at their Chinese New Year Podium pop-up. This delightful experience unfolds at Starhill Piazza and will continue to captivate visitors until February 4.

The festivities kicked off with an exciting launch event last Friday, where local beauty influencers and enthusiasts gathered to mark the auspicious occasion. The venue buzzed with excitement as guests were treated to a mesmerising dragon dance performance, setting the stage for an evening of beauty and celebration. shu uemura’s skilled makeup artists also showcased their talents, adding a touch of glamour to the event.

At the heart of this celebratory pop-up is the unveiling of two new shades each of the Rouge Unlimited Kinu Matte and Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream. Dressed in the brand’s signature auspicious red Chinese New Year packaging, these lipsticks are not only a beauty statement but also a nod to the vibrancy and elegance associated with the Year of the Dragon. Priced at RM155 each, these lipsticks are a luxurious addition to your festive beauty collection.

Three dedicated stations within the pop-up allow the public to explore and engage with shu uemura’s best-selling products. As a gesture of appreciation, visitors can also redeem free samples, experiencing the brand’s premium quality firsthand.

An exciting opportunity awaits those who indulge in the festivities – the Kokeshu Photo Contest. Capture a moment with the adorable Kokeshu, share it on your social media platforms, and stand a chance to win RM1,000 worth of shu uemura products.

Shu Uemura’s Chinese New Year Podium is a haven for beauty enthusiasts and those seeking to immerse themselves in the spirit of the festive season. Let’s join shu uemura at Starhill Piazza and usher in the Year of the Dragon with style, beauty, and a touch of auspicious glamour.

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