This August, L’OCCITANE added 2 new hair products in addition to its signature Aromachologie Hair Care line – Revitalizing Sorbet Fresh Mask For Hair and Body & Strength Leave In Concentrate For Hair.

17MC200F16AR REVIT FRESH MASK 200ML RM150Aromachologie Revitalizing Sorbet Fresh Mask For Hair (RM150, 200ml)

The new Sorbet Mask from L’OCCITANE is absolutely bursting with freshness. Its fresh gel texture envelops the hair, promising revived energy. drawing on the benefits of five essential oils, the mask helps to revitalize the scalp while giving a pleasant feeling of softness, thanks to the soothing and moisturizing properties of a complex of rebalancing sugar.17CL100D16_1_1ARO Leave in Concentrate RM135

Aromachologie Body & Strength Leave In Concentrate For Hair (RM135, 100ml)

L’OCCITANE’s BODY & STRENGTH hair care range, launched in 2015, is now joined by a new densifying serum, which aims to breathe life into limp and lacklustre hair. To help give vigour and vitality to hair that longs for strength, the new Leave-In Concentrate combines five invigorating essential oils with a new active ingredient derived from sugar cane. When applied to lengths and tips after each shampoo, hair looks stronger and fortified, yet still feels as soft as ever.

Four local celebrities have tried and tested the products and here they’ve given some of their top tips to get the most from them.

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