5 Easy Romantic Hairstyles To Complete Your Valentine’s Day Look

5 Easy Romantic Hairstyles To Complete Your Valentine's Day Look-Pamper.my

You found the perfect outfitgift, and you’re ready to capture his olfactory senses with a sexy perfume, so now it’s time to think about hair! If you want to keep your hair au naturel, it’s a-ok but if you battle with bad hair days or you want to take your look up a notch, we found 5 easy romantic hairstyles you can rock with your outfit on date night!

1.Messy Braided Crown

Messy braid crown-Pamper.my
Image: www.thewonderforest.com

Jazz up your short hair with this chic half-up messy braid crown, it works for long hair too! You can use a pretty hair clip or barrette to join the both ends together. Get the step-by-step here.

2.Rolled Updo

Image: www.hairromance.co

Personally one of my favourite go-to hairstyles and one of the easiest to do too! All you need is an elastic headband and some bobby pins. After putting the headband on, take sections of your hair and tuck in the headband until the ends are all rolled in. Get the step-by-step here.

3.Sleek & Sexy

Sleek and Sexy Hair-Pamper.my
Image: youtube.com

Pressed for time? This super easy and quick hairstyle will get you out of the door is less than 5 minutes and you’ll look polished and sleek.

4. Soft, Heatless Curls

Heatless Soft Curls-Pamper.my
Image: youtube.com

You don’t need a curling wand to get soft, romantic curls, all you need is a loose T-shirt and voila, you’ll wake up with this romantic hairstyle!

5.Looped Side Pony

Looped Side Pony-Pamper.my
Image: youtube.com

How long has it been since you tied your ponytail to the side? Pretty long and it’s time to bring it back with this simple and romantic hairstyle. If you keep looping your hair until almost the end of your hair, you can pin it into a bun too.

Which romantic hairstyle are you donning this Valentine’s Day?

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