FOREO Unveils Game-Changing Beauty Tech: PEACH 2 and LUNA 4 Plus

In the realm of beauty, innovation reigns supreme. FOREO, a Swedish beauty-tech brand renowned for its groundbreaking devices, has once again taken the industry by storm with the introduction of PEACH 2, an advanced IPL hair removal device, and LUNA 4 plus, a 4-in-1 cleansing device that combines deep cleansing, collagen-boosting, firming, and radiance-enhancing features.


Bid farewell to unwanted hair with PEACH 2, FOREO’s latest masterpiece in IPL hair removal technology. This innovative device boasts a 9cm² treatment window, three times larger than most IPL devices, ensuring faster and more efficient hair removal. Its patented lamp design delivers intense pulse light safely and effectively, removing hair from the root and preventing regrowth in just six treatments.

PEACH 2 prioritises both comfort and safety. Its in-built 360° cooling system ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience, while its safe skin sensor, UV filter, self-adjusting head, and protective silicone shield guarantee complete protection.

To complement the PEACH 2, FOREO has also released the PEACH Cooling Prep Gel, which contains 17 plant extracts to help deeply hydrate and soothe skin after treatment.

PEACH 2 and PEACH Cooling Prep Gel

LUNA 4 Plus

FOREO LUNA 4 Plus and Serum Serum Serum

Rediscover your youthful radiance with LUNA 4 plus, FOREO’s cutting-edge cleansing device. This 4-in-1 device revolutionises skincare, offering a comprehensive solution for deep cleansing, collagen-boosting, firming, and radiance-enhancing.

LUNA 4 plus’s velvety-soft silicone touch points, paired with T-Sonic pulsations, gently remove impurities and makeup residue, leaving your skin exceptionally clean and refreshed. Its unique combination of Near-infrared LED and Red LED light stimulates collagen production, combats the visible signs of ageing, and restores your skin’s natural elasticity and youthful glow.

Micro-current technology integrated into LUNA 4 plus naturally firms and plumps the skin, effectively diminishing the appearance of fine lines. T-Sonic pulsations gently massage the skin, eliminating dead skin cells and enhancing microcirculation, resulting in brighter, smoother, and softer skin.


Like its previous LUNA devices, FOREO offers two variants of the LUNA 4 Plus: one for normal skin and one for sensitive skin.

With PEACH 2 and LUNA 4 plus, FOREO redefines the standards of beauty technology. These innovative devices empower individuals to achieve their skincare goals, providing effective and safe solutions for hair removal, deep cleansing, collagen-boosting, and radiance enhancement.

Join the FOREO revolution and experience the transformative power of these cutting-edge devices. Both PEACH 2 and LUNA 4 Plus are exclusively available in-store and online at Sephora for RM2,249 and RM2,440, respectively.

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