The cleansing your face with sparkling mineral water trend started from Japan before it entered the Korean and European beauty scene. It’s said that the carbon dioxide bubbles and minerals from the water can help to deep-clean your pores, tone your skin, increase the oxygen and blood circulation. Though there’s no scientific proof for those claims, if it’s still practised until today, it must be working somehow. I tested this trend in hopes of having glowing skin like the Japanese and Korean ladies.

Before you head to your grocery store for some sparkling water, it’s good to note that there’s a difference between plain sparkling water and sparkling mineral water. You need to get the ones with minerals in order to get the benefits and avoid the flavoured sparkling waters, those don’t count. You can get plain sparkling water and mix it with mineral water if you can’t find the sparkling mineral version.

There are 3 ways to use this sparkling water mix:

  • Splash your face with the water mixture.
  • Soak some cotton pads in it and place those on your face.
  • Put your whole face into the bowl and hold your breath for as long as you can, to let it soak into your skin. (We’re trying this route since it’s the one that’s mostly done.)
Sparkling Mineral Water Face Wash
Clean skin before soaking your face in the sparkling mineral water mix.

Sparkling Mineral Water Face Wash

The standard ratio is 1:1 so mix 1 part filtered water and 1 part pure sparkling mineral water. But if you have very sensitive skin, dilute it with more filtered water.

Sparkling Mineral Water Face Wash Review
Hold for 10 seconds intervals or longer if your skin can handle the tingling sensation. But don’t over soak as it can be drying.


Sparkling Mineral Water Face Wash Review
My skin is a little red from the soak which could be from the gas stimulating the blood circulation to my face. The redness disappeared not long after I took this picture and it did remove some of my skin’s dullness.

Our Verdict

It’s an interesting way to clean/tone your face if splashing it with normal water is becoming a bore. You either enjoy or don’t like the slight tingling sensation. It does brighten your complexion as it improves the blood circulation but whether it clears the pores, we’re can’t give an answer since the pore situation is still the same. Maybe with consistent use, it will clear up our skin. But it’s a pricey DIY home treatment since sparkling mineral water is not cheap.

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