diptyque Brings Playful Gestures To Fragrances With The Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection Launching This September

From creating the first candles that delivered fragrance as well as illumination, to creating an hourglass designed to lend a scent to time itself and even encapsulating the scent of the original diptyque boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain into a fragrance. Diptyque sees perfume as an extraordinary field for experimentation, with fresh pathways forever opening up to reveal perfume oils that trace patterns onto the skin, eaux de parfum with an all-enveloping intensity, solid perfumes that can be applied with the fingertips, veils of mist and much more.

This September, the olfactory landscape gains three new verbs that feel like playful gestures with diptyque’s Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection where you can wear without limits, tie with style, pin with joy.

Perfumed STICKER

Halfway between a clothing ornament and a mobile diffuser, the perfumed sticker for skin is a clear signal that you’re a member of the diptyque community.

This graphic, baroque decoration can be positioned wherever you want, whenever you want: inside the wrist, for example, or at the base of your neck or the curve of your shoulder. Made of mat satin, it can be applied and reapplied as you please and its concentrated fragrance will continue to be released all day long.

Motifs akin to shadow puppets add delicate graphic touches to the wearer’s body, while the scent paints a picture of its own: a rose for Eau Rose, a tuberose for Do Son and a swan for l’Ombre dans l’Eau.


Once round, twice round, maybe even three times! Play with a braided thread made for winding around a well-loved wrist. Dress yourself in black and white, discreetly diffusing fragrance.

This bracelet is infused with perfume – you might even say the bracelet encapsulates the
perfume! It comes out of its oval black box, ready to be cut to the desired length.

It can be attached and detached at will, thanks to a gold-plated clasp, and spreads its scent whenever you gesture with your hand. The gentle touch of the thread on your skin is
what triggers the magic to release this intense olfactory thrill.

The bracelet is available with scents of Do Son, Eau Rose and Tam Dao.

Perfumed BROOCH

It is said that fine feathers make fine birds. The ones found in the elite diptyque aviary are perforated and perfumed! What form then, might a bird take? A brooch!

A piece of jewellery in gilded metal, harking back to the wooden birds that once inhabited
the House’s original boutique. A perfumed ornament inspired by Renaissance pomanders
scented jewellery shaped to suit the tastes of the day.

Just discreetly, slip into the centre of the brooch a pre-perfumed ceramic disc that generates lingering fragrance: the brooch sparkles as the bird’s legs sway rhythmically – the effect is perfect.

Deck yourself in this precious plumage, and let the pre-perfumed brooch sing its own sweet song to the tune of Do Son, Eau Rose or Fleur de Peau.

The three new fragrance gestures see diptyque transcending established practice to invent a shifting, ground-breaking olfactory playing field that allows you to combine fragrances according to your disposition, changing them at will and playing freely with your appearance!

Here are the prices and the fragrance variants of the :

  • Perfumed Sticker, RM245 (Available with the following fragrances: L’Ombre dans L’Eau, Do Son and Eau Rose)
  • Perfumed Brooch, RM489 (Available with the following fragrances: Do Son, Eau Rose and Fleur de Peau)
  • Perfumed Ceramic, RM239 (Available with the following fragrances: Do Son, Eau Rose and Fleur de Peau)
  • Perfumed Bracelet, RM369 (Available with the following fragrances: Do Son, Eau Rose and Tam Dao)

Diptyque is available at its Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Boutique, KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre, KENS Apothecary Bangsar Village II, One Utama, KLCC and The Gardens, as well as KENS Apothecary’s online store at www.kensapothecary.com.my.