With the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, Malaysian always get either dry skin problem or combination skin problem. If you are an office working lady, you will probably face the same problem over and over again. Many of us try to invest in a good moisturizer or even some branded skin care just to make our skin looks and feels plumper and smoother. What if we tell you there are some secret ways to maximize your moisturizer? Continue reading to know how to fix your problem and get the biggest benefits out of your moisturizer!

#1 Use face scrub regularly

Image: yabibo.com
Image: yabibo.com

Yes, a lot of people with dry skin will think that exfoliating and scrubbing will do more harm than good. However, in reality, our dry skin needs to be buffed away so moisturizer and the skin care can be fully absorbed. You need to exfoliate twice a week, do use a gentle face scrub. For better results, use a face mask after exfoliating your skin.

#2 Add acid

Image: Clinicians.com
Image: Clinicians.com

Don’t worry when you see the word acid. Do you know that use a product with a water-attracting ingredient like hyaluronic acid can help to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water? In fact, there are many skin care that contains hyaluronic acid in the market.

#3 Use hydrating mist


For office lady, this is the step you should start to follow. When the lunchtime hits and you start to feel your makeup cracking, try to reach for your hydrating facial mist. Bring a bottle of hydrating mist and put it in your office for anytime use. A hydrating mist will be the hydration pick-me-up for your skin needs to stay supple all day long.

#4 Double the function

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Image: esteelauder.com.my

Lock in the serum’s active ingredients and maximize the moisturizing benefits by apply serum on top with a hydrating mask. This will allow your skin to re-energize and stay supple after this ultimate hydration step. Leave the ‘combo’ overnight if you are using an overnight mask for a better result.

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