Calling All Gents! Laneige’s New Homme Active Water Line Is What You Need For Refreshed, Moisturized Skin

Calling All Gents! Laneige's New Homme Active Water Line Is What You Need For Refreshed, Moisturized

Laneige’s upgraded Homme Active Water Line is created for men who are looking to streamline their skincare routine while, providing a refreshing and moisturizing finish thanks to a specially formulated technology dubbed Anti-Dryness™.

There’s a science to being well-groomed. The patented Anti-Dryness™ technology that incorporates biosaccharide gum-1, a complex natural polysaccharide which exhibits two
main features such as drawing moisture into the skin, and forming a protective film over the skin. So the HOMME Active Water line forms a defensive layer around the skin,
protecting the skin against external irritants. It also draws moisture into the skin, helping the skin retain moisture for up to 8 hours!

The Homme Active Water line is also made with Advanced Active Water Plus (+), an innovative formula enriched with ingredients such as zinc and deep ocean water that serves to moisturize, revitalize and energize skin.

Calling All Gents! Laneige's New Homme Active Water Line Is What You Need For Refreshed, Moisturized Skin-Pamper.myThe Laneige Homme Active Water Line consists of four products:

1. LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Foam Cleanser, RM70 (150ml)

LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Foam

This cleansing foam lathers up into a thick foam and it has a combination of natural ingredients such as moisturizing polymers, sunflower seed oil and mango butter that keeps skin feeling freshout-of-the-shower moisturized.

2. LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Skin Toner, RM120 (180ml)

LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Skin

It’s specially formulated texture is light and fast-absorbing to keep your skin from drying after washing. The Active Water Skin Toner has mild exfoliating and soothing effects, gently removing dead skin cells whilst soothing your skin. The Anti-Dryness™ bio-polymer complex in the skin toner forms a moisture barrier around your skin, enhancing its moisture retention qualities.

3. LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Moisturizer, RM125 (125ml)


The Active Water Moisturizer is a light gel-type lotion that provides instant moisturization to keep your skin well-moisturized throughout the day. Enhanced by the Anti-Dryness™, the biopolymers help your skin lock in moisture, filling it with essential moisturization for a healthy and vibrant complexion. The moisturizer has active ingredients such as Zinc Gluconate, which aids cell growth thanks to its generative functions and immune system support, and Pure Deep Seawater, which contains a similar level of minerals as the human body fluids, moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier.

4. LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Gel Cream, RM135 (50ml)

LANEIGE HOMME Active Water Gel

This powerful moisturizing cream forms a double layered moisture barrier to replenish your skin’s moisture levels and helps it retain the moisture with a non-sticky finish. The Advanced Active Water Plus (+) in the cream fill your skin with moisture and keeps it in good and healthy condition.

LANEIGE HOMME Active Water line of products will be available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques in Malaysia starting September 2017.

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