We’ve all been waiting for Urbanscapes 2016 and it finally kicked off in a big way, with Australian rock bad, Tame Impala. If you were there, you would have been one of the 2,500 people who showed up to cheer on the headliners.

Opening for the band was Pastel Lite. Check out photos from the psychedelic night!

Photo credit: All is Amazing 

Opening Act: Pastel Lite 

Pastel Lite

Pastel Lite 1

Tame Impala & the crowd

Tame Impala 8Tame Impala 6Tame Impala 7Tame Impala 5Tame Impala 4Tame Impala 3Tame Impala 2Tame Impala 1

– Cover Image: All is Amazing