Who is heading to Good Vibes Festival which is happening soon on August 12 to 13 this Friday and Saurday in The Ranch, Genting Highlands?

This year’s lineup has awesome artists such as The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Mark Ronson, Disclosure, Angus and Julia Stone and much more.

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit
Image: www.facebook.com/GoodVibesFest

But like all music festivals, the key to having a rad time with your friends is to be prepared. Getting sunburned and having our makeup melting off our faces is not a good sight and could put a downer on things. So we’ve prepared a list of items to add to your beauty survival kit

So we have prepared a list of items to add to your beauty survival kit so you are prepared for any situation.


Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit sunscreen
Image: www.watsons.com.my

Most important item on this list is sunscreen. Spray-on sunscreen is easy to use and this one is a light, non-sticky waterproof formula that will be perfect for music festivals. Don’t forget to spray a light mist on your head too if you’re not wearing a hat.

Tinted Lip Balm

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit lip stain
Image: www.facebook.com/wunderbath

Tinted lip balms are not only moisturizing but they are easy to apply while giving your lips a light wash of colour. We are loving Wunderbath‘s range of tinted lip balms because it is free of bad stuff and it has a minty scent too.

Cleansing Wipes

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit facial wipes
Image: www.watsons.com.my

These facial wipes are great when you are feeling icky halfway through the day to help clean up the dirt and grime.


Image: www.watsons.com.my
Image: www.watsons.com.my

Say no to BO with this long-wearing and anti-yellow staining spray-on deodorant. You can wear you black and white tops with ease and your armpits will be under control all day.

Perfume Samples

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit Perfume samples
Image: makeup.lovetoknow.com

Perfume samples are travel-friendly so you don’t have to lug the full-size bottle around just for touch-ups.

Hand Sanitizer

Image: www.watsons.com.my
Image: www.watsons.com.my

Those portable toilets are not the cleanest so a hand sanitizer is a lifesaver.

Blotting Papers

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit blotting papers
Image: www.watsons.com.my

These are essential to keep those shine under control and the charcoal helps to purify your pores at the same time. Check out the B.LIV Charcoal Oil-Blotting Papers.

Waterproof and Smudgeproof Makeup

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit waterproof makeup
Image: sephora.my

Waterproof makeup is essential because of the unpredictable weather. Go for tinted brow gels which are longer-lasting than the powder types and Benefit’s Gimme Brow is one of the best.

Facial Mist

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit facial mist
Image: www.watsons.com.my

Cool down from the heat with some spritz of this facial mist. It refreshes your makeup and moisturises your skin too.

Pins and Hair Ties

Good Vibes Festival Beauty Survival Kit Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
Image: www.pinkorchidmakeup.com

There will always be someone asking for one of these, without fail.

Temporary Tattoos

Image: www.facebook.com/habitatt.co
Image: www.facebook.com/habitatt.co

It’s no commitments so you can stick wherever and whenever you want. You can even get matching ones with your friends! We love this quote tatt from Habitatt Supply Co.

Lastly, don’t forget these IMPORTANT things!

Your tickets, a decent amount of cash (since there won’t be ATMs around), ID, power banks (For Snapchat and Pokemon GO) and drink your H2O!

Which artist are you most excited about at Good Vibes Festival 2016?

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