Many of us own a smartphone and the single thing we battle with on a daily basis is its battery life. Wouldn’t it be perfect if it just survived without needing a charge, and didn’t die on you when you need it the most (to call your UBER ride or WAZE your way home).

Until that day comes, there are a couple of tweaks you can do with your phone to help conserve as much battery for your day. Some of which are pretty basic and simple, but trust us it works! We put our phones to the test and found that it lasted an average of 1-2 hours longer before we needed a charge – better than nothing.


1. Reduce brightness of your screen. You can either choose for it to be auto-tuned, or reduce brightness on your own by playing with the toggle.

2. Enable Power Saving mode. If you have a Samsung, this is readily available in the Settings menu. We’re not sure if this is also available on iPhone but if you have this option, turn it on.

3. Less push notifications. You don’t need everything to be pushed to you and by reducing this, you’ll conserve battery life.

4. Switch off wireless features when not in use. Turn off the GPS and Bluetooth features when you don’t need it. Location based services drain your battery big time! Also, charging your phone on Airplane mode brings you to a fuller charge in a shorter time.


5. Always lock your phone. No more pocket dialling, and none of your apps are accidentally opened.

6. Software updates. Some may argue that installing the latest updates causes your phone to drain faster, but if you aren’t operating on the latest software your phone is working slower.

7. Turn off vibrations. If you’re not on silent mode, turn off vibrations. You don’t need the dual notification.

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