As Valentine’s Day is just literally hours away, everywhere you turn you just can’t seem to escape, or at least get far enough away from anything that would remind you that you don’t have a special someone to celebrate it with. People at work are talking about their Valentine’s Day plans, the malls are decorated with oversized heart shaped polystyrene, the radio is talking about the appalling prices of roses on Valentine’s day…

So you start imagining yourself curling up in the fetus position underneath a thick blanket for more than 24 hours, until the sun rises on the 15th of February.

FILM  ' Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason '  (2004)Picture showBut why must you be miserable on a day that celebrates love?

Pamper.My is here to share with you 5 helpful tip on how to have a great Valentine’s Day even if you’re currently not dating anybody!

#ONE: Do not be alone.

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Call a few friends up and making the best out of the day! What better time is there to meet up and have a good catching up session over brunch or a good cuppa joe, or even have a movie marathon or a one-day-roadtrip that you and your friends had always talked about but never had the chance to do. You can also take the chance to spend some quality time with your family, be it a sibling’s day out or a mother daughter mani-pedi session. Because from time to time, you need to be reminded that your family are the first people who had and will always love you unconditionally.

#TWO: Swear off social networking sites for the day.

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Know that social media is the root of self-pity, as every other minute you are bombarded with overly edited pictures of romantic dates and public love declaration status updates. Bear in mind that what a person shares on social media may not represent his or her reality.

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So unless you can 100% guarantee that you’re a saint that finds sheer joy in witnessing other people’s over sharing of their life that they would like you to believe is perfect, that you’re better off logged off.

#THREE: Why love someone else when you can save all that love for yourself?


So instead of splurging your hard-earned money on showering someone with gifts after gifts, why not reward yourself with the much- needed and well-deserved pampering session? Pamper yourself with a day at the spa, getting a relaxing massage and rejuvenating your face and body with a nice facial and body scrub.

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Then go and buy that dress, purse or shoes that you’ve always wanted, so that you might be single, but looking like a million bucks! Because like our team at Pamper.My, you should never forget that self-love is fundamental to one’s happiness.

#FOUR: Remember that it is just another day.

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Like any other festivity that has derailed from their initial meaning and purpose of celebration, Valentine’s Day is just another profit making festivity. It’s the one day that you would have to pay RM25 instead of RM2.50 for a rose, or even RM180 instead of RM18 for a box of dark chocolate. So why not spare yourself the cash and just live the day like it’s just any other day.

#FIVE: Give yourself a break.


The modern lifestyle is already hectic enough as it is, so why overwhelm yourself with more unnecessary pressure and unreasonable expectations that come along with a day such as the Valentine’s Day. Cut yourself some slack and spent the day resting your body and mind, stay in bed and read a book, laze on the couch and watch movies, cook yourself a nice meal, or even go for a nice stroll in the park.


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