12 Chinese Zodiac Sign Predictions for 2024 by Master Vmin Lye

Eager to discover your 2024 outlook? Master Vmin Lye of Good Feng Shui, Good Life, a Malaysian Feng Shui Master for over 8 years, unveils his insightful predictions for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs for 2024. Prepare to explore what fortunes await each animal sign in the year of wood dragon!

Born in 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024

2024 in a nutshell: Lay Low!

As 2024 is the year of the Dragon, it usually means that this year you will need to work extra hard. Dragons are in the position that we call ‘violating’ the Grand Duke. 犯太岁. In addition, not many auspicious stars are aligned with you. This year, you may feel that you need to do everything yourself and there’s not much help when you need it.

The tendency of self-doubt is higher than usual. And it is easy to have negative thoughts this year. If it makes you uncomfortable, refrain from getting into arguments

  • Career: In terms of career, try not to care about what other people think. Do your best and mind your own business. 2024 is not a good year for making big changes in your career. Play defence. Good news for Dragons that work in the creative industry, 2024 is a good year for creative pursuits.
  • Wealth: For Wealth, with no prominent auspicious stars present in your chart, Dragons shouldn’t be too aggressive on your investments this year. Speculative investments, high risk deals, not a good idea in 2024. It is easy to overspend this year, so before you splurge on something to reward yourself, think again!
  • Relationships: Relationship wise, there seem to be not much going on. There is a tendency of feeling lonely in 2024. Try to be mindful when communicating with your partner and do not let your negative thoughts affect your relationship.
  • Health: Chances of getting injuries or getting hurt is high. Best to donate some blood or go for regular dental checkups. Do not drive if you don’t feel 100% and especially not drink and drive and stay away from high risk activities. Be mindful of emotional health in 2024. Going for a spiritual retreat might be a good idea.

Lay low and stay positive!

Born in 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013

2024 in a nutshell: Achievement!

Things are looking bright for the Snake in 2024. With powerful auspicious stars appearing in your chart, expect good things this year. Help and support may come from an elderly male or someone from a prominent position or institution. It is a good year to start new things and finally act upon the grand plan you had in mind.


  • Career: For your career, you will feel extra resourceful this year. Good ideas just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Such ideas might give you an opportunity to advance your career or get noticed by your superiors! Time to take action and go for gold!
  • Wealth: With prominent auspicious stars present in your chart, wealth luck for the Snake ranks amongst the top of the 12 zodiac signs! Do not easily lend out money to friends, then you should be able to amass some significant savings. 2024 is a good year to try your luck on some lottery tickets. Do it in moderation, who knows? You might win something!
  • Relationship: 2024 can be a rather positive year for the Snake. A good year to get married. For those who are single, chances of meeting someone right is there. Apart from that, your popularity amongst your social circle will also benefit from these good vibrations.
  • Health: With so many good things going on, it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed at times. It is a good idea to set a workout plan or at least set aside some self care time regularly. There’s also a tendency for you to overeat. Stay hydrated and keep a healthy lifestyle, you might also want to keep an eye on your waistline.

Go all in!

Born in 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014

2024 in a nutshell: Problem Solving

For the Horse, 2024 will be filled with ups and downs. When you feel like something good is going for you, distractions will happen. And the cycle will repeat itself throughout the year. What you need to do, is to learn how to calm yourself down and see through various distractions this year.


Career: Career is the highlight for the Horse in 2024. Especially favourable for the employed. The auspicious star indicates that chances of promotion are high. On the flip side, when things are going smooth, it is easy to get light headed and act recklessly. It is a good idea to tone down a little. Tendencies of getting misunderstood or rubbing people the wrong way is high.

  • Wealth: Do not make big changes such as big investments this year. Prepare for some unexpected expenditure. There’s a Chinese saying called 破财挡灾 meaning to solve your problems, you somehow need to spend money.
  • Relationships: 2024 is kind of an emotional year of the horse. You feel like you’re not being understood by others and you tend to distance yourself. Rather uneventful in terms of relationships. For single individuals, consider taking a spiritual retreat, and for the attached, try to initiate communication to diffuse any tension.
  • Health: In terms of health, chances of getting injuries or getting hurt is high. Stay hydrated and exercise more!

Tackle problems one at a time and you’ll be fine!

Born in 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015

2024 in a nutshell: Fulfilment

Good news for goats this year. Powerful auspicious stars are present in your chart and you will receive help when you need them. Especially good for the employed. Your noble person will likely be a female this year. When there’s a situation where you can ask for help from either a man or a woman, you know who to ask.


  • Career: 2024 is a good year for career pursuit. Guidance and help will be there when you need them. However, you need to be mindful and don’t make decisions based on your feelings and emotions. If you’re not sure about something. Do thorough homework and ask experts for opinions before deciding.
  • Wealth: Above average. 2024 is a good year to amass some savings. Basically your wealth is obtained in an orthodox way, like the salary you are earning from your job. In terms of investments, go for stable options rather than speculative investments. If you’re really trying risky investments, remember to set your limitations.
  • Relationships: Things are looking good here! If you’re single, this is a good year to look for someone right. For attached couples, especially men, try your best to refrain from external distractions. Because of positive vibrations in your relationship palace, you are prone to feel restless and tempted. There’s no such thing as free lunch.
  • Health: More concerning part for the Goat in 2024. Be extra mindful of old injuries or existing health problems. If not being taken care of correctly, it might come back to haunt you this year. Do a medical checkup to make sure things are under control.

Stay cool and kick butt!

Born in 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016

2024 in a nutshell: FOCUS!

This year, minor distractions will cloud your judgement and you might find it hard to focus. One more important thing to take note for monkeys this year is do not put yourself into any position that can get you into trouble with the law. Drive within the speed limit, do not engage in grey area activities!


  • Career: 2024 can be an indecisive year for Monkeys. Your sense of self-doubt is high and you might feel the lack of confidence in your abilities. Nonetheless, you must keep moving. Maintain momentum. Through the process of trial and error, find your path of least resistance to achieve your goals.
  • Wealth: Below average and especially bad for investment. A couple of inauspicious stars present in your chart. Tendencies for making bad investment decisions are quite high. Stay away from high-risk investments and keep some cash. Cash is king!
  • Relationships: The indecisiveness this year will also affect your relationships. Be mindful of your decision making. Do not make a promise to someone and then change your mind after 5 minutes. That might lead to arguments. For attached couples, it can be quite stressful in 2024. Try to mellow down your communication style and do not make things seem worse than they really are.
  • Health: Need to be extra cautious on the road this year and get regular check ups and maintain a balanced diet.

Stay focused and stay cool.

Born in 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017

2024 in a nutshell: Slow and steady wins the race!

With both good and bad stars present in your chart, this year you might want to go slow and steady.



  • Career: 2024 is a year that you will likely get attention from superiors. Expect your level of influence and authority to grow and you will find ways to solve problems. This year is a year for execution, get down and do the dirty work, and you will see your plans materialise.
  • Wealth: 2024 will be a stable year for Roosters in terms of wealth. What I mean by stable is that your wealth will come to you in a conventional way. For the employed, chances of getting a raise is high. For business owners, it is a good year to expand your network and form new business relationships. In terms of spending, there’s a tendency of overspending this year. Plan your spending and budget well.
  • Relationships: This year is the 6 harmony year for Roosters. 六合太岁. It means that this year is good for relationships. For single individuals, there’s a good chance to find someone right this year. Be more proactive in social gatherings, initiate conversation. However, for those who are in stable relationships, refrain from being overly friendly as it might spark some unwanted conflict in a relationship.
  • Health: With things going smooth in your relationship, be careful and try not to overindulge in luxuries. Prone to minor health hiccups such as coughs and colds. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise more.

Have fun this year!

Born in 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018

2024 in a nutshell: Conserve!

The Dog in 2024 is in a clash with the Grand Duke. 冲太岁. It seems like not much positivity is going on with the Dog in 2024. Expect unexpected expenditure this year. With no prominent good stars present in your chart this year, do not make big changes. job change, buying and moving into a new house are not recommended.


  • Career: For career, if you are employed and work in the office, or in an enclosed environment, expect more turbulence. Tendency to get blamed or get into trouble for somethings that you didn’t do. Things will be slightly better for those who are always on the move like travelling sales people. The more you move, the more you can divert the negative energy. So if you work in an enclosed environment, you can volunteer yourself for tasks or jobs that require travelling.
  • Wealth: For wealth, this is going to be turbulent this year. Stay frugal and do not take any major financial risks. Be extra mindful of overspending! Do not speculate! If a deal sounds too good to be true, it often is!
  • Relationship: Dogs are prone to emotional fluctuation in 2024. You lack a sense of security. Easy to have negative thoughts this year. Good idea to be more proactive and initiate communication with your other half. Don’t expect people to know what you are thinking and how you feel.
  • Health: Chances of getting injuries or getting hurt is high. Stay hydrated and exercise more!

Less is more and stay safe!

Born in 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019

2024 in a nutshell: GO! GO! GO!

Things are looking pretty rosy for the Pig in 2024. Good stars appearing in both your career and relationship palace. Good time to go all in this year, take massive action and get massive results!



  • Career: 2024 is a great year for career pursuits. With two of the major auspicious stars present in your chart this year, you are in a position of heightened authority and opportunity. Put in extra effort, you will get noticed. Beneficial partnerships are also likely to happen this year, if you’re a business owner looking for investors or partners, there’s a good chance that this year you might find a suitable one.
  • Wealth: The Pig ranks amongst the top of all zodiac signs this year. In terms of wealth, things look pretty positive. Please note that the wealth that we are referring to is direct wealth, or orthodox wealth. Money earned through work or business. Not wealth from gambling and the lottery. There’s one thing to take note though. When things are going smooth, don’t get too excited. There’s a tendency of sudden changes that might lead to unexpected expenditure.
  • Relationships: Good news! For single individuals, this is a good year to find a partner. For attached couples, it is a good time to consider marriage. 2024 is also a good year to plan to conceive a child. In terms of relationships, it’s all good!
  • Health: When things are going smooth, don’t forget to take good care of your health. Moderation is key. Do not overindulge and things should be alright!

Carpe diem!

Born in 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020

2024 in a nutshell: Take Action!





  • Career: Noble people present in your chart. Meaning that you will receive support or help when you need it most. However, things might look good on the surface. There’s a tendency to be unsettling underneath. Do not over stretch yourself and venture into unfamiliar territory. Good year to put action into your plans. You feel motivated this year, but it can easily turn into impulsiveness. Be conservative and don’t only look at the big picture. Keep an eye on the details. Might rub colleagues or your boss the wrong way if you move too fast. Brush up on your PR skills – buy them coffee or prepare some snacks.
  • Wealth: In 2024, there’s a three harmony formation with the Grand Duke. 三合太岁. Your wealth will mainly be from money from your career. This year is not so suitable for investments. Especially speculative ones. Do not succumb to greed. Risk management is essential.
  • Relationship: You tend to feel emotional. Sense of uncertainty and loneliness might affect your relationship. For attached individuals, it is a good idea to initiate communication with your partner. Do not expect the other party would automatically know what you’re thinking. For single individuals, consider taking a spiritual retreat, you might find what you’re looking for.
  • Health: Need to be mindful of bodily harm and risk of injuries.

Less is more and stay safe!

Born in 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009

2024 in a nutshell: PURSUE!

2024 might prove to be rather an eventful year for the Ox. Both auspicious and inauspicious stars aplenty in your chart. There’s certainly no short of excitement for you this year! This year, things are generally more positive and you’re going on an upward trajectory.


  • Career: Things look especially good for the currently employed. Your hard work and effort will get you noticed. Good chance for a promotion or a raise. This year is also a good year to add some extra credentials to your resume. Learn a new skill, get a new certificate. Go for it. For business owners, aggressive expansion is not encouraged. Better stick with what you do best and improve your customer experience and take the tried and tested route.
  • Wealth: Very good for the Ox this year. Good stars are present in your chart and you will have more clarity. You can consider making investments in 2024. However, as the saying goes, do not put all your eggs in one basket and do not over leverage.
  • Relationships: You need to watch your mouth. Although you feel that you are telling the truth, perhaps you can express yourself in a more subtle way. Emotional thoughts are also prevalent this year. How to solve this? Easy. Go to bed early. For single individuals who are looking for suitable partners, you might want to move out ward. Looking further away from your usual spots might be beneficial to you.
  • Health: Not so good. Chances of inflammation are high. Watch what you eat. Cut down intake of sugar and salt to lessen the burden on your body. Eat healthier. Refrain from late night parties and do not overindulge if possible. Drink more water and exercise more.

Talk less and take more action!

Born in 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010

2024 in a nutshell: MOMENTUM!

For the Tiger, 2024 is a year of movement. You got to pay extra attention this year as things are below average. Inauspicious stars are abundant in your chart. The key to staying afloat is to keep the momentum going. The more you move, the better things are for you.


  • Career: Expect a lot of movement. It can be a chance to travel or the chance to meet new people. Especially for business owners, more movement usually means more business. For the employed, it might mean that there’s more work for you to do. However, it is up to you, how are you going to leverage this situation and make this into your advantage and benefit from it. For business owners, you might need to pay extra attention to contractual matters. You might not want to get into any copyright infringement issues that may lead to legal problems. You might want to be extra careful in that area.
  • Wealth: Not a good year for investments. Prone to unexpected expenditure. Get yourself insured. Make sure that there’s insurance coverage for the unexpected events. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Relationships: A rather uneventful year in terms of relationships. For attached couples, the feeling of emotional insecurity is high. Prone to having mood swings. You can try to initiate communication and talk to each other. Be more proactive when it comes to communication.
  • Health: Be aware of problems such as muscle sprains, nerve cramps, migraines or tooth problems.

Keep moving and stay safe!

Born in 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011

2024 in a nutshell: LEVERAGE!

With no good stars present, it is a good idea to lay low and stay out of trouble. Try to stay within the convention and don’t try anything out of the blue. A new skill that Rabbits might want to learn in 2024 is to learn how to leverage. Use other people’s strength to make yourself better.


  • Career: What you need to do is to brush up your PR skills and leverage on other people’s resources to make it work for you! This is a good year to nurture good relationships with your colleagues or associates, for people in the creative line, try to keep an open mind and accept new things. Be open to new perspectives and you might find it helpful for you to complete tasks or assignments.
  • Wealth: A rather uneventful year for Rabbits. It is considered a good thing because in a year where your overall luck is so so, there’s no indication of extra unexpected expenditure. Just stay away from high risk or speculative investments, you’re ok.
  • Relationships: It is easy to feel restless and seek excitement in terms of relationships. Therefore, it is easy for you to get into some scandalous relationships. If you’re single, no harm to mingle around for a bit. If you’re attached, you’d want to stay more still to keep out of trouble.
  • Health: An area of concern for Rabbits this year. Prone to nagging issues such as flus, headaches and digestions issues. These might not be life threatening, but can be a pain to deal with. Be mindful of those, and protect yourself when necessary.

Learn to leverage and things will be fine.

The Top 4 Auspicious Signs for 2024:

Snake – looks like it will be a fulfilling year for Snakes. Good stars are aligned for you this year, go out and take massive action!

Pig – things will look rosy in 2024, noble people will appear to give you a hand when you need them.

Goat – similar to the Pig, Goats will find themselves surrounded with noble people this year. You are in good hands.

Ox – you will tend to have better clarity this year. Good year to start investing!

The 4 of the Not So Good Zodiac Signs for 2024

Tiger – good year to keep moving! It is easy for you to have self doubts this year. Stay positive!

Rabbit – no auspicious stars this year! I’m afraid this year will be a DIY year! Keep your chin up!

Dog – second last place. Expect a lot of movement and petty problems this year as Dogs clash with the Grand Duke this year. 冲太岁. Stay Safe!

Dragon – the last place always belongs to the Animal sign of the year. It is known as violating the Grand Duke. 犯太岁. This year, what Dragons need to do is to lay low and stay out of trouble. Play defence, do not engage in dangerous activities and do not make speculative investments!

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