When Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric, protested against the taxation of his subjects, she agreed to ride through the streets of Coventry “clad in naught but her long tresses”, and so long as the residents remained in shuttered buildings their tax burden would be lifted.  The following morning she made her famous ride and, despite being the ultimate temptation, the citizens graciously remained indoors.  Leofric kept his word and reduced the taxes to the delight of his subjects, ensuring Godiva’s legendary status throughout the centuries.

With a Belgian heritage dating back to 1926, GODIVA Chocolatier is the global leader in premium chocolate.  Inspired by the values of Lady Godiva – her passion, generosity, and pioneering spirit — GODIVA’s legendary name has become a universal symbol of luxury, quality and the most delicious chocolate.

The company has a presence in more than 100 countries with distribution in over 500 boutiques, Global Travel Retail, department and specialty stores, and online.  GODIVA offers a range of chocolate creations and is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the Belgian tradition.  From its famous truffles and shell-moulded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, gourmet coffees, hot cocoa and other indulgences, GODIVA is committed to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world.

GODIVA 2015 Spring Easter Collection
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GODIVA 2015 Spring Easter_Key Visual_bEaster follows the arrival of spring, a festival which adds delight to this vibrant and colourful season. Spread the Easter cheer with the 2015 Spring Easter Collection presented by the renowned Belgian Royal Chocolatier, GODIVA. This collection features an assortment of luxurious chocolate made with the combination of Belgian traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

GODIVA Spring Collection – Limited Edition Chocolates


Drawing attention to this season, GODIVA’s Spring Limited Edition chocolates comes in various forms of little chicks and Easter eggs. These Easter-inspired chocolates are available in 8 tantalizing flavours of fruity goodness mixed with rich chocolate.

Spring Chocolate Gift Box

GODIVA 2015 Spring Easter_Key Visual_aCanvas-like embossment on the simple chocolate gift box with the blossoming flower of intense colors; GODIVA 2015 Spring Chocolate Gift Box gracefully illustrates Spring. Each gift box consists of a variation of GODIVA classic flavours and the Spring Limited Edition Chocolates. Perfectly capturing the blooms of spring, the collection allows you to indulge in the creamy chocolate and fruity fragrance.