Experience Unique WONDA Coffee Time at the Mobile Speakeasy Café

For coffee lovers who are looking for new cafe to hop in town, the mobile Speakeasy Café by WONDA Coffee would be a great spot to catch a quick coffee break, and instagramming too!

As a part of the greater International WONDA Coffee Day 2020 celebrations, WONDA Coffee is introducing its first ever mobile Speakeasy Café, where Malaysians can enjoy a hot cup of WONDA 3-in-1 Premium Coffee in a unique, modern and one-of-its kind experience.

Much like the concept of a speakeasy bar, WONDA Coffee’s mobile Speakeasy Café will be distinguished as an abandoned bus, but one that hides a coffee paradise within. This unique mobile Speakeasy Café will be available at key high traffic locations around Klang Valley including popular shopping districts throughout the month of September and October, and consumers will need to hunt for the mobile speakeasy café and partake in a mini-mission of finding the secret code to gain access, giving the café experience a more exclusive feel.

Once consumers enter the mobile speakeasy Café, they will be greeted with a free cup of WONDA 3-in-1 Premium Coffee from the baristas. Coffee lovers can relax for a couple minutes in WONDA Coffee’s mobile Speakeasy Caféand enjoy the coffee-soaked ethos. Done up in classy décor, WONDA Coffee’s mobile Speakeasy Café also suits the millennial instagrammer with several nooks and corners for some insta-worthy shots. Keeping in mind the social distancing regulations, the mobile speakeasy café can accommodate 4 people at one time, making WONDA Coffee’s mobile Speakeasy Caféa coveted one-of-a-kind experience.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/WondaCoffeeMalaysia.

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