The Curve’s Food Fest 2017: Wok Wok Eat Eat | Sep 28 to Oct 1

From September 28 to October 1, 2017, the Curve’s third annual Food Fest campaign with themed Wok Wok Eat Eat, will gather the best of the country’s street food and local cuisine under one roof! Visitors to the mall will be able to enjoy a truly authentic hawker-style atmosphere within the cool comforts of the Curve’s Centre Court. From the familiar tables and stools seen in hawker centres to the colourful food stalls, passers-by will certainly be unable to resist the homey sights, sounds and smells wafting through the air.

Slurp your way through the Food Fest with the perfect bowl of noodles before diving into the unforgettable taste of nasi lemak, nasi dagang, nasi tumpang and nasi kerabu. Need a thirst quencher or two? The classic mouthwatering teh ais, kopi o peng or Neslo should do the trick! Last but not least, round it all off with delightful desserts, such as pulut durian, traditional kuih-muih from the East Coast, and classic favourites from ice cream to cakes.

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Shoppers and food lovers alike will also not want to miss appearances by Syed Kheidir, Malaysia’s 2014 and 2015 Teh Tarik King’s Champion’s Showcase, on Saturday and Sunday at 3.00pm. Watch as this gifted teh tarik­-maker takes the creation of this crowd favourite to all new heights!

In keeping with the street-style theme, throughout all four days of the campaign, patrons at the Curve will also be able to enjoy the musical talents of street buskers daily, from 12.00 noon to 9.30pm while indulging in a great snack or two!

For those who spend a minimum of RM150 in a maximum of two receipts will be entitled to a cash voucher worth RM10. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and are available while stocks last.

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