Who doesn’t know Avene Thermal Spring Water? The mineral-rich mist is perfect for people with sensitive skin. This naturally soothing source for the sensitive skin is sold every single second in the UK. To be an effortless beauty, you need to know these 5 uses of Avene Thermal Spring Water!

  1. Soothe irritation

It is very well-known for its anti-irritant properties, which is perfect for those with sensitive, hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin, but it also used to soothe various forms of irritation such as sunburn, shaving rash, and red rashes. The next time you travel to the seaside, remember to bring along a travel size of Avene Thermal Spring Water to soothe sunburn irritation.

2. Refresh your skin


As it is enriched with zinc, it is also good for comforting and refreshing skin after exercise. When we exercise and sweat, there are some dirt and excessive product that will leave on our face which might cause acne problem in a long run, thus you can use a tissue paper with Avene Thermal Spring Water to leave skin feeling cool, calm and clean!

3. Eye Mask

Image: www.cdn2.stylecraze.com
Image: www.cdn2.stylecraze.com

Yes, you did not get it wrong. Avene Thermal Spring Water can be used as an eye mask too. Simply spray a generous amount of spring water to the cotton pad and put it on the eye area. Leave it for 5 minutes, then spray some spring water on the cotton pad again. Leave it for 5 minutes more and you are done for the mask session.

4. Calm frizz

Image: www.frockadvisor-wordpress.s3.amazonaws.com
Image: www.frockadvisor-wordpress.s3.amazonaws.com

After a long day in air-conditioner room, our skin gets dry. While it is the same for our hair too. The wonder product can even be sprayed over hair to calm frizz. Thus, you should spray it on your hair in the midday to reduce frizziness on your hair.

5. Face mask

If you forget to bring a mask with you while you travel, don’t worry! You can actually use the wonder product as a face mask. Simply grab a piece or two of tissue and spray it over, then put it on your face just like a mask. Leave it for 5 minutes to leave your skin supple and moisturized.

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