You might eat risotto before, but do you know where does it come from? Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. The main ingredients are rice, broth, butter, and onions. It is one of the common dishes that is served in Italy. Where can you get risotto in Klang Valley? Here are 5 cafes that serve ultimate delicious risotto that you need to try!

  1. Cafe Lafayette

Cafe Lafayette is a cafe in Damansara Uptown that serve up to 5 types of risotto and pasta. We tried Mushroom Risotto that is cooked in oyster mushroom and organic button mushroom, it is creamy and well cooked.

2. Basil Pasta House

People who like to eat pasta will know Basil Pasta House. There are so many pastas to choose from in this cafe. On top of that, they also serve risotto and dessert to fix your craving too. Be sure to check them out when you want to eat pasta and risotto.

3. Franco

When we talk about Franco, people would definitely think of their french toast and souffle. However, they are serving squid ink risotto that can makes you feel full too. The next time you visit Franco for their french toast, why not try out their risotto!

4. La Risata

La Risata has been known for their Italian cuisine. The pizza dough was made in house, squid ink risotto is what we tried and it is absolutely worth for the price. The squid was fresh and the rice was very fragrant.

5. Define Food

Risotto fans, this is the Seafood Risotto that you need to try out. The spiciness of the red chili flakes was compliment by the freshness of the seafood. The portion is good for one person. The brunch menu is served from 10:30 am till 5:30 pm.


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