Travel more often is probably one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. Speaking of travelling, recently Facebook and Twitter feeds have been filled with news about Malaysia Airlines (MAS) imposed a temporary limitation on baggage allowances to its European destinations on its routes to Europe starting from January 5.

With this issue being quite a hot topic, we thought this is a best time to talk about carry-on travel essentials. Regardless if you are taking a one-hour short commuter plane or a 12-hour transatlantic flight, you definitely don’t want to feel bored while flying on plane. To get rid of boredom while you are travelling, you would need a perfectly packed carry-on bag with all the essentials you need to stay comfortable.

That being said, to those who will be travelling, the following list of items would be useful for you to bring along so that you are well-equipped for a pleasant journey.

Travel Pillow


Not all airline provide blankets and pillows when you are flying economy class. Therefore it is always best to be prepared. To ensure you have a good sleep on flight, remember to bring an inflatable travel pillow. They store much better and you can also customise the firmness.

Eye Mask

Also known as sleep masks could block out bright lights and help you to relax into sleep.

Ear Plugs

To all the light sleepers out there, you know the pain of sleeping with a partner who snores. Besides that, sleeping on a plane can get a little uncomfortable due to noises from the surroundings. Therefore, remember to bring a good set of ear plugs with you. Not only you will have a good deep sleep, you will also block out noises from your surroundings.



If you find ear plugs irritating, perhaps you could opt for a pair of noise cancelling headphones. A good pair of headphones not just a gadget to listen to podcast or music, but they can also help you to put yourself to sleep on a flight.


Not everyone owns a tablet but almost all of us owns a smartphone. Long-haul flights can be really boring even if you are travelling with friends or families. Therefore to keep yourself entertained during your flight, make sure that you have downloaded all your entertainment apps before you board your flight.

Power Bank


A powerful portable charger is a good investment for frequent travelers. You certainly don’t want your battery drain completely while waiting for your connecting flight in the transit.

Empty Water Bottle

After you go through security, remember to fill your water bottle up at a water fountain. Many airports have equipped with water fountains after security. It is important to always stay hydrated as most airplanes have extremely low humidity.


To freshen your breath remember to grab yourself some mints. It is recommended to avoid chewing gum because swallowing the extra air can cause stomach pain sometimes.



Remember to bring something to munch on to help you to get through the flight.  Avoid buying in-flight food and drinks as they could be really expensive.


If you take some medications on a regular basis, remember to put it all in your carry-on bag, don’t just pack what you need for your flight. Some medication may be needed to show proof of prescription so remember to get a letter from your doctor.

A Set of Clothes

It might sounds like a burden to bring a change of clothes in your carry-on bag but trust me, you might need it. Checked luggage gets lost is quite common, sometimes your luggage doesn’t turn up within a day. Hence always be prepared at least you will have something to change into.



Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, etc, oh you know the drill. Remember your liquids must be under 100 ml and fit in a one quart-size clear plastic bag.
Important Documents – Passport, ID, money, license

Sometimes your checked luggage could get missing, and your things could never be seen again. The items listed so far are mostly purchasable in most places however, these important documents should never be packed in your checked luggage although some items you might not be using it.

Do share and let us know if you have more items to add to this list. Last but not least, remember to check the the airline’s carry-on size restrictions before you pack your carry-on bag.

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