A recent scientific study suggests that, due to people are living a lot longer, categorising someone as old when they turn 65 no longer makes sense, and that people in their 60s are middle-aged rather than elderly.

An independent website has also conducted a survey with 2,000 people over the age of 40, to find out how people felt about their age and their perceptions of getting old, and found that:

You’re not considered old and past it until you have finished celebrating your 80th birthday!

Among the 2,000 people, 93 percent believe ‘you are only as old as you feel’; 82 percent admitted they feel younger than their actual age, by an average of 11 years; and 61 percent feel like old age is a long way off for them.

However, there are other ways to determine if you’re getting old. Like it or not, if you have one or more of these signs, probably you’re about to officially leave your youthful days behind!

10 Ways To Determine If You’re Getting Old

1. You fall asleep watching TV or reading the paper

Image: img.webmd.com
Image: img.webmd.com

2. You become forgetful

Image: wereblog.com/
Image: wereblog.com

3. You groan when getting up from a chair or out of bed

4. Choose clothes for comfort rather than style

5. You repeat yourself

Image: ardalis.com
Image: ardalis.com

6. You have no idea what is in the music charts

7. You insist ‘things aren’t as they used to be’

8. People offer you a seat on public transport

Image: etiquettemci.wordpress.com
Image: bitstrips.com

9. You forget where your glasses are, you look all over the place then you feel them on your head

Image: wikihow.com
Image: wikihow.com

10. You don’t hesitate to complain about poor customer service

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