Top 20 U.S Cities for Summer Vacation 2016


What makes for a perfect summer vacation? An U.S. based online travel agency, Travelocity revealed that the top four (4) most-wanted attractions in a summer vacation destination includes beaches, national or state parks, amusement and theme parks and historical city landmarks.


Travelocity team analyzed which of the 50 largest cities in the U.S. can deliver the most important factors for a good summer vacation – availability of the most-wanted attractions, probability of good weather and affordability of lodging for the summer months – and came up with a list of top 20 U.S Cities for Summer Vacation that made up by both traditionally popular and lesser-known summer destinations.

Travelocity Top 20 1-Pager FINAL Infographic
Travelocity Top 20 Infographic

The Top Three

#1 Los Angeles

Los Angeles

With beaches located within the city limits, nearby national parks and major amusement parks in close proximity, Los Angeles trounced the competition with an Attraction Score of 8, while comfortable temperatures, low humidity and virtually no rainfall in the summer months allowed LA to ace the Weather Score with a perfect 10. Only above average hotel prices kept LA from taking first place across all of Travelocity’s categories.

#2 San Diego

san diego
San Diego

San Diego came in just behind LA with a slightly lower Attraction Score owing to less choice in nearby amusement parks and fewer local historical landmarks. But for travelers looking for a smaller city with slightly warmer weather, San Diego might be just the ticket for a perfect summer vacation.

#3 Las Vegas / Phoenix (Tie)

Unlike LA and San Diego, Las Vegas scores a zero for beaches, but amusement parks and national parks within close proximity give it a respectable Attraction Score, while virtually no chance of rain in the summer combined with a “dry heat” puts its Weather Score near the top of the list. But where Las Vegas really shines is in its affordability. With a Hotel Price Score of 7, Vegas makes for one of the most price-friendly summer destinations.

Downtown Phoenix
Downtown Phoenix

Another desert location, Phoenix, ties Las Vegas at #3 with an identical Attraction Score, and while Phoenix’seven higher temperatures knocks down its Weather Score, its exceptionally low summertime lodging costs boosts its Hotel Price Score to among the best in the country.

Surprise Contenders

#6 Fresno, California

Fresno, California

A California city making the top 10 may not be a surprise, but a California city that is 150 miles from the nearest beach making the list might. However, with temperate, rain free summers, affordable lodging and a nearby national park, Fresno could be a pleasant surprise for summer vacationers as well as their wallets.

#7 Portland, Oregon / #9 Seattle (Tie)

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

When people think of the Pacific Northwest, they often think of natural beauty, mountain vistas and rain. Lots of rain. But in reality, the summer months are remarkably rain-free in the two largest northwestern U.S. cities. And with mild temperatures throughout the summer, both of these cities scored highly in the Weather Score category. Furthermore, while a plethora of nearby attractions were high points for both Seattle and Portland,Seattle was the second-highest ranked city in the entire index. Only comparably expensive lodging costs kept these two northwest cities from making it into the top 5.

#9 Denver (Tie)


Its proximity to some of the world’s best skiing makes Denver an obvious choice for winter vacations – but fewer people might place it as a destination for a summer getaway. However, Denver was a solid performer across all of Travelocity’s scoring categories. While the Mile High City is far from any beaches, the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and nearly 300 National Landmarks within the city limits boosts Denver’s Attraction Score. Denver’s elevation means dry and comfortable weather, and combined with a reasonably affordable average hotel price, Denver proves to be a great choice for a summer vacation.

Source: PR Newswire