In today’s modern society, traveling alone is no longer odd and strange. It may seems intimidating to explore the world by yourself. However you shouldn’t be worry at all because one of the best things about solo travel is becoming independent and confident.

In fact there are many solo female travel bloggers out there. Some of my favourite travel bloggers are World of Wanderlust, Legal Nomads, and Hop Scotch The Globe.

No matter how brave you are, regardless of gender, it is important to stay alert and protect yourself when you are travelling by yourself. Here are ten tips that will prepare you for solo female travel.

1. Prepare well and read up about your destination before you go

Before you book your accommodation, always check the reviews on travel sites like TripAdvisor and Oyster. If you decided to stay in a private room at a host’s house like Airbnb or CouchSurfing , only go places with many good reviews.


2. Give your itinerary and hotel with somebody back home

Let family or friends back home know the locations where you will be staying and when. In case your phone breaks or loses Internet access, this will allow them to get in touch with you if there’s something goes wrong.

3. Learn some basic self defense moves

Learning some basic self-defense moves before you travel may be beneficial could helps in boosting yoru safety instincts as well as protecting yourself if you were to be attacked. Otherwise, remember to bring some self-dense “weapons” such as umbrella or cat keychain with you.

4. Travel light

A light bag has benefits for all of us. Besides saving you from the risk of incurring an overweight baggage fee, you will also be more comfortable and mobile and thus making you faster.


5. Never keep all your money in one place

Keep some cash and a card on your person, some in your carry on bag, some in your luggage, and some back at your hotel.

6. Don’t go out alone at night

Or in quiet areas. Some areas can be dangerous on the subway at night, so don’t travel alone after 11 p.m. If you have to, take a taxi to your front door if it’s safer.

7. Learn a few phrases in the local language

You may need to ask for general assistance, request price information, directions, etc. If you don’t speak the language in the country you are visiting, remembering terms like “help”, “police”, “toilet” can come in handy when you are in danger.


8. Make sure you are well rested and always stay alert

Solo trips are absolutely fun. While you are enjoying yourself, you also need to be very conscious and vigilant of your surrounding. Take good care of your belongings. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash.

9. Dressing like a local.

This is to prevent you from drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Swindlers or pickpockets, they prefer easy targets like tourist.

10. Track your route

Women are more likely to be thought as prey than men. If Uber or Grab are not accessible in the country you travel to, you can use Google Maps to track your route and be sure that the driver is not conning you.

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