#CNY2020: Enjoy a Taste of Tradition this Lunar New Year with Emirates

Travellers flying with Emirates between Malaysia and Dubai are in for a treat this Lunar New Year. Available for a limited time only, a specially curated selection of festive goodies will be available onboard flights between Malaysia and Dubai, as well as onground at the Emirates Lounge at KLIA.

From 23-26 January, First Class and Business Class travellers travelling between Malaysia and Dubai will each receive a custom Emirates red packet with two chocolate gold coins inside, symbolising a year of good fortune and blessings. The red packets for First Class travellers will be included in the goodie basket while those in Business Class will receive the red packets with their lunch or dinner.

In addition to the regionally inspired cuisine served on board, passengers travelling to Malaysia from Dubai between 23-31 January will enjoy a selection of festive sweet treats across all classes. First Class and Business Class travellers will end their meal on a sweet note with a delectable slice of red velvet and lychee cake, while Economy Class passengers will tuck into a mouth-watering red velvet and lychee mousse.

Prior to boarding, premium class customers can treat themselves to an assortment of Chinese dishes at the Emirates lounge in KLIA from 24-26 January. Delicacies such as Jiao Zi, a vegetable kimchi dumpling, will be served alongside other festive dishes such as lotus leaf wrapped rice, herbal chicken stew and a traditional Chinese dessert, Tangyuan, symbolising family togetherness. In the lounges in Dubai, delicacies such as poached dumplings with spring onions and black vinegar, Sixi meatballs cooked with sauce, pakchoy and baby carrot, and shredded Szechuan chicken salad. Passengers can satisfy their sweet tooth with red velvet and lychee cake or tasty coconut and mango tapioca treats.

To round off the festivities, Emirates is also adding a selection of movies for Lunar New year such as ‘A Lifetime of Treasure’, ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ and ‘My Lucky Stars’ to its extensive catalogue of entertainment. Travellers can now Fly Better with up to 1,500 movies up to 80 movies in Mandarin and Cantonese; 4 channels of entertainment from CCTV in Mandarin and more than 120 Chinese music channels on Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice.

For more information on Emirates, including how to book flights and a complete list of terms and conditions, visit https://www.emirates.com/my.

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