#CNY2020: Embrace Good Luck With Bvlgaria’s Fiorever Lunar New Year Necklace

Bvlgari welcomes the Year of the Rat with a Special Edition of its flower icon – the Fiorever Lunar New Year necklace, a dazzling design, a touch of red and an extra dash of good fortune.

A symbol of Bvlgari’s unmistakable joyful spirit and passion for life, Fiorever is now infusing Chinese New Year celebrations with Roman extravaganza by embracing the auspicious power of red – one of the most significant colours in Asian culture. Representing good fortune and joy, passion and energy since ancient times, the iconic colour is encapsulated by the precious ruby set at the pendant’s core. Four openwork petals embellished with diamonds gift with sparkle and refinement the lucky charm and make the piece easy to wear due to its lightness and modern appeal.

A tribute to women who embrace la dolce vitafrom Rome to Beijing and all around the world, the Fiorever Lunar New Year Special Edition necklace is the Bvlgari way to summon prosperity at least for the 12 months ahead.

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